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Financial and other support available

£75,000 Pupil Award with up to £20,000 Pupil Award can be paid to prospective students in advance of their BPTC year.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

11KBW is committed to equality and diversity. Our goal is to get the best professionals. We welcome applications from talented people, regardless of their background. We strongly encourage applications from members of groups that are underrepresented in the Bar Association.

Our approach to student recruitment is underpinned by our commitment to equal opportunity and fair treatment. Candidates for the pupillage and the work done during the pupillage are judged strictly on merit using objective criteria. we use thatRare contextual recruitment system, which allows us to understand each candidate's performance in the context in which it was achieved.

We have a fortuneEquality, diversity and social responsibilityCommittee chaired by Jane McCafferty KC that meets regularly to oversee our diversity and inclusion initiatives. As part of our commitment to increasing bar association access and increasing diversity within the bars, we recently established the 11KBW Scholarship for Black students at BPTC. We also participate in the Bridging the Bar Mini-Learner Program, the Bar Council's Bar Placement Scheme (in partnership with Pathways to Law and the Social Mobility Foundation) and the COMBAR Mentoring Program to increase access for underrepresented groups in the Commercial Bar to improve..

Reasonable adjustments, if any, will be made for each student applicant with a disability and for each student with a disability. If you would like to request reasonable accommodations or have questions regarding chamber accessibility, please email Claire Halas (Claire.Halas@11kbw). OurAccess Statementis available on our website.

Please visit our website to read oursequality and differenceeanti-harassmentpolitical statement.

About AETO and student structure

We are a specialist civil law law firm providing quality advice and advocacy to a wide range of clients from the public and private sectors, both plaintiffs and defendants.

The station is divided into three parts, each with a different supervisor (or two if they split the role).

In the first three months you will be almost exclusively with your supervisor, giving you the opportunity to settle in and gain in-depth experience in everyday practice. From the fourth month you will work with many different chamber members. This allows you to see the full range of practice areas and chamber members from different backgrounds and seniority levels can rate your work so we can have a fair and complete picture before making location decisions.

Our students do not practice alone before the location decision in July, but work exclusively on real cases, often "live", during their training. They draft opinions, main arguments, petitions and other written work.

In addition to graded written work, you will have the opportunity to accompany your supervisors and other board members to customer hearings and conferences.

continuous feedback

During your studies you will receive continuous feedback on your work, both from your supervisors and from other members of the chambers you work with. All material work performed for your manager and all work performed for members other than your manager are classified using objective criteria such as legal research, analysis and judgment. The work done for members other than your manager is evaluated by two board members who provide feedback. Chamber members will tell you if your work met the lease standard.

We believe this continuous, transparent assessment and feedback from various chamber members is the fairest way for us to evaluate your work and allows you and your managers to track your progress throughout the year.

We assess oral defense skills through regular feedback sessions where you are required to discuss your written work. There are also dedicated advocacy exercises throughout the year.

We only offer students who we believe have the potential to meet the rental standard. But we do not expect our students to produce work at this level in their early learning stages. Our goal is to give you consistent feedback throughout the year so you can develop all the skills we value when making rental decisions.

The rental decision

The rental decision will be made in July. We are committed to offering a lease to all students whose work consistently meets rental standards at the time of the decision.

This means that students do not compete with each other for leases. Each is rated on its merits.

When a post-grad student is hired and becomes a tenant, past experience shows that their first-year earnings compare well to their peers at other major chambers and leading law firms in the city and across the United States. Because lawyers are self-employed, junior hires' incomes vary depending on their workload and the areas in which they wish to practice.

Our selection process

Chambers has a four-step process for applying for pupil camps as of October 2024:

Phase 1 - the application form

All student applications are reviewed by a sub-group of our Student and Lease Committee. Applicants are expected to have a first or second class degree (in any academic field), subject to extenuating circumstances. You can find more detailed instructions on the written application process in the pupillage section of our website https://www.11kbw.com/join-us/pupillage/.

Phase 2 - Evaluated written work

Selected applicants will be invited to complete an assessed written assignment, which is expected to be completed in the second half of March 2023. This task will be performed remotely unless the applicant's/applicant's circumstances make completing the Chambers application preferable and over a specified period of time that you can select in this window. After receiving the documents, you have 48 hours to complete the job, although the job is not expected to take more than 12 hours. It is based on an independent set of documents, so you are not expected to do extensive research to complete the work. The work is then evaluated by a sub-group of the Study and Hire Committee.

level 3Assessed Mini Pupil Day

After the assessment of the written work, the selected candidates will be invited to the chambers for an oral assessment and a mini student day. This allows these candidates to spend more time with us and learn more about what we do and how we work. The oral examination is based on your examined written work.

We expect this to happen in the week beginning April 17, 2023.

Stage 4 - job interview

Selected candidates will be invited to a final interview in the first week of May 2023.

At each stage, the assessment is performed by the same group to ensure a consistent approach.

We have a new video explaining the signup process, click to watchHere.

catering offers

Offers to successful candidates will be made via the portal in May 2023.


We recognize that attending Chambers for the mini student day and interview can be expensive for non-London based applicants who may need to pay for their travel and/or accommodation. We will reimburse reasonable travel or accommodation expenses for applicants who achieve these levels and reside outside of the M25. Contact our administration team for more information; AdminRoom@11kbw.com

sensible adjustments

Reasonable adjustments, if necessary, will be made for each applicant with a disability for teaching and for each student with a disability. Any applicant requiring reasonable adjustments should email toadminroom@11kbw.comby detailing their needs and the fit they are looking for.

For more information, visit our website:https://www.11kbw.com/join-us/pupilage/

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