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11KBW Student Report 2023


"We often work on the big flagship challenges of government policy,"an 11KBW student told us proudly."Our public law and employment law practice is truly excellent."Smart joint senior Mark Dann points this out"A rough estimate of the work here is a 50/50 split between public and employment cases."the former encompass practices such as procurement, community and social care, education, and governance."Really anything where a judicial review can be initiated against a public body."says Dan. As such,"Many of the issues in the news are cases in which we have been involved."

"Many of the issues in the news are cases in which we have been involved."

UK Bar Associationranks the company as an industry leader in community care, privacy, education, employment, local government and public contracting. The set also includes strong awards in administrative and public law, as well as civil liberties and human rights."The work you do here is of exceptional quality,"said a student. 11KBW members also work on trade, media and human rights cases.

About himpublicPage, several members working for the Good Law Project on challenges to public contracting during the pandemic. About himcommunity careBy the way, Andrew Sharland is acting in a public inquiry into the sexual exploitation of children by organized networks before the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. top qualityemploymentProsecutors have acted Richard Leiper KC in a case where two men claim they have been discriminated against because they are straight middle-aged white British men. Members of both sides of the case, which centers on the allegation that Deliveroo drivers are "workers", have also appeared. InMedia and privacy, is representing Anya Proops KC CBS Interactive in connection with a privacy lawsuit filed by prominent boxer Dillan Whyte over information about a published drug test.

The application process

A preliminary interview absorbs the first applicants. Before reaching the student, candidates must first complete an exammini-students. Richard Leiper KC tells us that this has been reduced from five to three days."He Became Unreasonable"tells us."Taking a week is a long time, so we cut it short."Sources praised the experience and suggested it reflected"it works the same as the student and follows the same structure".He"The core of the process is a written work",Candidates receive jobs to write an expert opinion, which is evaluated by two members of the chamber. Written feedback accompanies a personal conversation, where"Questions are asked to test understanding and how you respond to challenges."Before the pandemic, Mini students had shadowed members in labor courts and tribunals.

"You won't be asked what your favorite cookie is, which can be off-putting. They talk about the law and make a real defense."

Applicants then apply through thePupille-Gatewayand selected candidates will be invited to alast interview, which consists of two stages. The first is to file a case based on documents received an hour earlier. The second requires more preparation, since the documents are sent to the candidates a week in advance."This is usually related to a current interesting case."Leipper said."Candidates will be asked questions about this case while we assess their oral defense skills."One source praised the"fair and objective"process, with another praising it because“It focuses on the work that you will actually do. You won't be asked for your favorite cookie, which can be off putting. They talk about the law and make a real defense."leiper said:“We are looking for good, strong legal skills, but also the practical side, including how they would interact with clients, their judicial skills, and how they would interact with judges. We are looking for the total package.”

The pupil's experience

The student is divided into threeseatingthree months each. The first seat sees students who predominantly work for a supervisor and"It looks like a period of adjustment as everyone knows that law school is not the best preparation for this job."After Christmas, the students work for other chamber members in a“Decent cross-curricular practice, so that students see the widest possible spectrum of the work that is presented in the cameras”,to leipzig. Students work on a wide range of topics related to labor and public law, as well as other areas such as data protection, education and business.

"...it is fair to characterize the ward as stern but transparent."

They tell us that the student decks"a whole series of written works"and the"Basic Nutrition"They are tips, skeletons and underpants. all work islive. For example, sources reported that they have been working on judicial review of the appointment of Kate Bingham and Dido Harding to senior government posts and the Deliveroo Drivers Court of Appeal case. The students had also prepared written presentations on legal issues related to terminating a stockbroker; conducted research on specific disclosure rules in civil proceedings and worked on breach of trust and corporate protection cases."It's all really good high-end stuff."shared a source with us."All the written pieces reflect what you would actually do in practice."

all work isclassifiedand marked against"objective and transparent"Criteria including: analytical ability; articulation and oral presentation; writing clarity; Judgment; legal research; and practical skills. Similar to the mini-student, the work is double marked for other members and students have the opportunity to discuss the comments afterwards.“The objective of the appraised pieces is to reach the rental standard”,A source told us."It's fair enough, and doing a lot of pieces gives you a chance to make the right impression and consistently produce work of the right quality."Based on this written work, students take three advocacy assessments in public law, labor law, and one more in both areas at each location."You have to present an application in front of two members of the chamber, you have three days to prepare it."noted a source.

the possession isit was then decided based on feedback from all parties evaluated, reports from supervisors, and promotional exercises."There's also a six-month review where we look at past reviews and see if people are on the right path to getting a lease."Leiper says. A source cited the decision-making process"Very fair,"with Leiper saying that"It is fair to call the student strict but transparent."They told us that the post-lease decision is like this"Largely unsupervised and if they take control of you, they treat you like a tenant from then on."In 2022, 11KBW retained three qualifiers.

"I've seen people take 20 minutes out of their day to talk about the issues they're struggling with."

In addition to the prestige of the complex, our interlocutors have also wanted to point it out“11 KBW is a really nice place to practice. It's not a place full of big egos or where people are tall and powerful."Instead, executive Lucy Barbet tells us that's the case."Very complete and friendly. People here get along well with each other. Everyone is helpful, welcoming and supportive of the students."As one student testified:"I've seen people take 20 minutes out of their day to talk about the issues they're struggling with."Another added:“I feel like I really landed on my feet here.Peoplethey are incredibly friendly and if I ever have a question someone is always there.”Leiper finds the same:"You can ask anyone questions. People are very helpful and always have time for you."

About the topicstandard, stressed a student"One of the really nice surprises about boarding is how completely reasonable the classes were."To be"being kicked out the door at 6:45 is nice",they said and added"There's also a willingness to give yourself more time if you don't finish a job."

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