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Roots Abacus School of Learning(ISO 9001:2015 certificate), offers a quick and step-by-step Abacus Teacher Training Course at a reasonable price and accessible to all. It was created by industry experts and instructors and students run this course around the world.

Due to the growing awareness of abacus and its lifelong benefits for children, the demand for it is increasing.Online-Abakus-TrainingEAbacus Franchiseis increasing worldwide. Therefore, the growth potential in this area is enormous.Abacus teacher trainingit is not only easy but also very rewarding. It is available online and can be easily done in a short span of time. Upon completion, you can start teaching Abacus alongside your current job, as classes are supposed to be held once a week, usually on weekends. It is highly recommended forEducated housewives, people looking for a part-time or full-time career option, existing training centers, tutors and teachers, parents teaching their own children.

Abacus teacher trainingThe course is short in duration, easy to understand, inexpensive and can be learned online from the comfort of your own home. These are the qualities that make you very desirable among everyone.

Abacus teacher training program highlights
Abacus teacher training fees EM R45000(60% discount) Effective price 17900 or USD610250Limited offer (including taxes)
duration of time no time limit
levels covered 8
training method Through simple and short videos
practice method Software-based online practice
Support By phone, WhatsApp-Chat, Email
certification After successfully completing the course
performance monitoring Through the online panel
performance reports Regularly via automated emails
Investigation On-line
Other services after completion of training
Questions from students in the region
Door-to-door delivery of Abacus training materials and student kits
Regular competition for students
Online software for kids (optional)
Automated updates to parents and coaches about student performance (optional)
Student administration (optional)


I completed the course in just one week, spending about 3-4 hours a day, and started teaching my neighbors' children. But in two months about 20 children from my society came for the training. With the support of the Roots team, I was able to train them effectively. It made my Sundays very fulfilling and meaningful.Ranjana Swami, Bengaluru, India

After graduating, I wanted to compete but needed some extra cash. I couldn't spend a lot of time because I also had to study. I learned this course and soon I was able to offer some classes at home, which helped me a lot financially.Archana Balakrishnan, Manama, Bahrain

I teach my son myself, I had heard about the benefits of learning abacus for children. I figured if I could teach my son other subjects, why not the abacus? So I gave it a try and bought the full course. Amazingly, I found it very easy and started teaching my son while finishing the course.Anne, United Kingdom

After completing this course, I rented a spot at a shared fee training center on Sundays. In just the first 3 months I managed to increase my number of students from 2 to 25. On Sundays I only have to dedicate a few hours. It helps me a lot financially and also allows me to dedicate time to my family.Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Educated housewives:Those willing to do some work from home.

(Video) abacus teacher training ! how to learn abacus by mission abacus

Tutors:You can add this subject to teach students as it is in high demand. For this course, you only need to teach once a week.

Lehrer:You can easily learn and open your own Abacus training center.

Part-time job seekers:This course is very beneficial when you decide on any career option. It takes less time commitment as only weekly classes are given. Investments are very small.

Pais:Children need to learn the abacus, but they cannot learn it on their own. However, they can easily learn with the help of their parents. It is a simple course that can be learned in no time.


Anyone who enjoys teaching children can take this course.

Anyone willing, some money and about 60 hours to learn something new.

observationYou don't need to be a math expert. With us, everyone can learn Abacus easily and effortlessly.


  1. You can start abacus lessons at homeIf you have room for about 10-12 kids, you can start abacus lessons in your home. This is the most cost-effective way to get started. You can easily recruit 10-12 students from your neighborhood once they find out you are an Abacus trainer.

  2. You can open the Abacus Training Center [Abacus Franchise].If you are not interested in teaching at home, you can rent a place at an existing training institute, gaming school, etc. weekly and start teaching. In such places you could accommodate more students.

    (Video) Abacus Teacher training course details

    Roots Abacus franchisees do not need any prior technical experience to operate a franchise effectively. Our comprehensive initial training program includes engaging, in-depth and informative courses on all technical, marketing, operational and technology topics. You'll complete the training with the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed. Trainings would be conducted by our certified trainers with good experience. You and your trainer will work side-by-side with employees initiating marketing activities and ensuring the entire process is working properly before completing your first job.

  3. You can start taking abacus lessons home with you.Many parents prefer to have their children educated at home as they want more personalized services. And there are parents who don't want to travel to pick up and drop off their children when the Abacus center is far away. In such cases, there is a need for an Abacus trainer who can take care of you individually. Homeschooling Abacus gets a good hourly rate as it's not as readily available.

    These courses can also take place during the week. As only a 1 hour weekly lesson is given, 15 children can easily be taught during the week (if 3 children are taught per day and 5 days are invested in the week). So if you give kids personalized Abacus training, you can make a lot of money.The abacus class is held in poles for 2 hours as the number of students is higher, but one hour is enough when the number of students is 1 to 3 in the case of homeschooling

  4. I work as an abacus teacher in institutes, schools, etc.Today, many schools have started to teach the abacus as a subject. The salary of an abacus teacher is pretty good. So, if you are interested in a job, you can easily find an Abacus teaching job at any school or educational institution near you.

  5. Complementing the Abacus topic in your existing training centerIf you already run a training center, have invested in the infrastructure and paid the fixed monthly costs, you can easily add Abacus learning to your curriculum at no additional cost. You can use your slot on Sundays or Saturdays as these courses only run on weekends and will only increase your income.

  6. Additional benefits

  7. teach your own childAmong other benefits, this is one of the greatest benefits of learning the Abacus. Once you become an Abacus trainer, you can teach your own child more effectively than anyone else. You are always there for your child if he encounters any problems during his studies.

  8. Source of a good and regular income for a long period of timeThe fee for abacus lessons is generally higher than any other subject, and the length of abacus course for kids is 2 years, unlike other hobby courses (like calligraphy, fast typing, arts and crafts, etc. ) that are of very short duration. So, once a student enrolls in the Abacus course, they will not leave you before completing the course.

  9. Fast growth rateAnother good thing about this course is that children start doing mental arithmetic in the first month, which surprises parents. Such parents cannot help but praise their child in front of friends, relatives and neighbors. So this course gets recommendations very quickly. There is nothing like it in any other subject. Gradually, the student base continues to grow through word of mouth.

  10. Less work and hard workUnlike other subjects like English, Maths, Science, etc. which require a lot of hard work on the part of the teacher, Abacus coaching does not require a lot of hard work as classes are held on a weekly basis. This means that every other day is free for you, which helps you juggle work and family, as well as additional income.

    (Video) What you should learn in Abacus (soroban) Training

  11. Respectable and rewarding workThe teaching profession is a respected profession. By teaching kids the abacus, you help them become more focused, sharper, and more confident. The changes are already visible in the first month. Watching kids do mental arithmetic in just a short amount of time gives you a sense of accomplishment and accomplishment that brings more joy than the joy of earning money.

  12. be your own boss

    As an Abacus instructor, you will have the opportunity to start your own business and run your own center. You can grow your student base and earn as much as possible. All decisions would be yours.


  1. Lower training fees for Abacus teachers
  2. No franchise costs (Limited time offer)
  3. Well-planned online training program through short videos
  4. Effortless, technology-enhanced learning for instructors
  5. Online practice worksheets to gain subject matter experience
  6. Door kick service for everyoneStudy material and abacus toolsnecessary
  7. Marketing and development support after course completion
  8. Inquiries from your region/area will be forwarded to you.
  9. Free software to monitor your students' performance
  10. Software to regulate speed and accuracy for each student
  11. Regular updates of all child activities for parents and coaches
  12. Regular interaction with trainers to understand and resolve your daily issues
  13. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at any time.
  14. Game way teaching method for kids.
  15. Online software for kids to learn the course effortlessly
  16. Regular competitions for children


Online abacus training method:All topics are explained very easy to understand with the help of short videos. After watching each video, you will receive an online worksheet to practice the topic covered in each video.

Duration of the course:If you invest half an hour every day, you can complete the course in about 40 days. And if you invest more time, you can also complete the course in less time. As this is a self-paced course, you can take as much time as your schedule allows.

Course content:Topics include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on the abacus and mentally. Topics related to other mathematical calculations are also covered. Open the link to know more about itAbacus course content

If you encounter a problem:You can contact us at any time. So you don't have to worry.


Below are the points that make this course more beneficial when taken online.

  1. Study at home (save time and money)

    You don't need to go to any Abacus Institute. This saves time and transportation costs. The online program is always cost-effective compared to the fees charged at the centers.

    (Video) World First Live Online Abacus Teaching Platform | How To Earn Money From Abacus Classes

  2. Flexible hours (choose your own hours)

    You can determine your own study time according to your preferences. Whether it's early morning or late at night, it doesn't matter. You can choose whenever you want. That way, you don't bother anyone in your routine. Learning in the classroom, however, does not give that freedom.

  3. Learn on your smartphone with internet connection

    You can learn Abacus easily by watching videos and taking tests online, even on your smartphone. The same can also be done on a laptop or desktop computer, but it is more convenient to study on smartphones.

  4. Thread repetition (Forgot a thread? No problem.)

    If you feel that you are weak in a certain topic, you can repeat the same thing as many times as you like. You just need to play the associated video again. On the other hand, it is very difficult when you attend classes.

  5. Online exercise worksheets

    Practice makes a perfect man. The online worksheets are very helpful for this course. Your totals will be checked automatically. You can practice your topics as many times as you like. This is not possible when practicing on printed worksheets.

  6. Automatic speed and accuracy monitoring

    The availability of unlimited worksheets, automatic answer checking, timed exercises, etc. helps you monitor and improve your speed and accuracy.

  7. Customer Support (Have a problem? Contact us.)

    You get full customer support. If you encounter any issues, you can always leave us a message via the support ticket system and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


After completing the Abacus online training, you will receive certificates from the Roots Abacus Learning School.(ISO 9001:2015 certified company)


Expression:2 yearsLevels:8 (every 3 months)Class:2 hours a weekMethod:15 minutes of daily practice on manual or online worksheetsPurpose of the course:The ability to mentally create addition, subtraction, multiplication, division without pen and paperOther learning benefits:Improves concentration, memory and observation powerEligibility:Students must be in the age group of 5-14 years old.


Which is best abacus online classes? ›

Online Abacus Classes in Bangalore
  • Apple Kids International Pre School. 4.7. 39 Ratings. ...
  • Kanas Academy. 4.9. 273 Ratings. ...
  • AA Academy. 4.8. 21 Ratings. ...
  • Creative India Olympiad. 4.7. 23 Ratings. ...
  • Chanakya Abacus. 4.1. 28 Ratings. ...
  • Growinnsteps.com. 4.1. 106 Ratings. ...
  • A. Multibhashi Solutions Pvt Ltd. 4.1. ...
  • A. Jnana Saadhana Academy. 3.8.

Can abacus learn online? ›

The Learn Abacus Online program has been tested and proven by thousands of students. Any student and those just getting started have all found success by simply following the modules and practice with the Abacus Mastermind software. Learn Abacus Online is an easy to implement system with helpful video coaching.

How to learn abacus for teaching? ›

One can complete the Abacus teacher training course in just 6 months and can get Govt Certification. This is the best opportunity to learn abacus by online/ offline classes. The major purpose to learn Abacus Course is to teach arithmetic to children in an entertaining way and to serve as a calculator tool.

How many days will it take to learn abacus? ›

Some students are more receptive to abacus and more willing to put into the time to practice. Along with parents' support and supervision to complete homework, it is no surprise that they perform extremely well, often completing curriculum that most students need two or three years to do in one year.

Is Kumon better than abacus? ›

Both Kumon and Abacus classes can be effective in helping kids improve their math abilities. However, they differ in a few key ways. One major difference is the focus of the two programs. Kumon is primarily a worksheet-based program, while Abacus classes focus on using the physical tool of the abacus.

What are the 2 types of abacus? ›

Types of Abacus

The Chinese abacus, the suanpan. It may have 7, 9, 11 or 13 rods. Each column has 2 upper beads (quinary) and 5 lower beads (unary), separated by a bar passing through the abacus. The Japanese abacus, the soroban.

How many levels are there in abacus? ›

How many levels are there in abacus? There are in all 8 levels in abacus.

How do I start a career in abacus? ›

If you are interested in a career as an Abacus Teacher, then_ majors in math will be helpful. Having an additional certification in Abacus will give you a little more edge if you want to teach Abacus as a subject in schools or work on an online portal like Abacus Trainer.

How many classes are there in abacus? ›

Total 4 Levels (Includes 8 levels of student syllabus) | Abacus teacher training Program Near me.

What is the highest level of abacus? ›

  • Elementary level – 6 Basic Levels ( 4 years to 6 years)
  • Regular Level – 13 Levels (7 years to 12 years)
  • 6 Basic Level.
  • 4 Advance Level.
  • 3 Grand Master Level.

Does abacus improve IQ? ›

Abacus Mental Arithmetic teaches your child how to perform fast mental calculations. This mental activity is proven to improve your child's working memory which, in turn, leads to higher intelligence.

Can I teach abacus at home? ›

Before you can start using an abacus for kids to perform calculations, your child needs to learn how to count. Teach them the numbers 1 through 10 first, then work up to 20 and beyond. Once they have a basic understanding of counting, they will be able to use the abacus for kids to do more complex calculations.

Which abacus institute is best? ›

Here are some of the top abacus training centres of India:
  • SIP Academy India, PVT. LTD., Chennai.
  • ADEPT Home Tutions, Visakhapatnam.
  • The Midas Touche Educare, Kolkata.
  • Cue Learn Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.
  • Kesav Institute of Mathematical Science, Mumbai.
  • Brain Master, Bangalore.

Do schools still use abacus? ›

As an advanced form of learning math, many schools, especially in Asia, use abacus in both primary and secondary classes. It's been proven as one of the most effective methods for young learners to do mental math.

Is abacus training useful? ›

Abacus learning programme provides significant benefits to children in enhancing the learning skills, photographic memory, visualisation skills, increasing speed, higher concentration, attaining accuracy and proficiency in all subjects.

What is the alternative to abacus maths? ›

The Soroban, or the Japanese equivalent of an abacus, is a tool that consists of a wooden frame with columns of beads that represent either 1s or 5s.

Is mathnasium worth the money? ›

Parents and students have positive reviews about Mathnasium. Most kids who have been afraid of math or hated it end up loving their trips to Mathnasium and parents are encouraged. Overall, tutors are well-trained and friendly, working to keep students engaged and learning the whole time they're in the center.

What are the 8 levels of abacus? ›

  • Addition & subtraction.
  • 2,3 & 4 digits all combinations.
  • decimals 4 digits all combinations.
  • Multiplication 3 & 4 digits x 1 digit, 2 digits x 2 digits.
  • Division 2,3 and 4 digits ÷ 1 digits.
  • Division 2 digits ÷1 digit.

What is the new form of abacus? ›

Today's Japanese abacus is a 1:4 type, four-bead abacus, introduced from China in the Muromachi era. It adopts the form of the upper deck one bead and the bottom four beads.

Is abacus Chinese or Japanese? ›

The abacus, called Suan-Pan in Chinese, as it appears today, was first chronicled circa 1200 C.E. in China. The device was made of wood with metal re-inforcements. On each rod, the classic Chinese abacus has 2 beads on the upper deck and 5 on the lower deck; such an abacus is also referred to as a 2/5 abacus.

How much does abacus cost? ›

Abacus's pricing starts at $9/month per user, with a minimum of two users required for the Starter plan. The Professional plan was previously priced at $12/month per user but has now gone to custom pricing.

What is Level 3 in abacus? ›

Level 3 Abacus Classes will broaden your child's knowledge and speed on Abacus and Mental Maths! The children learn two and three-digit addition and subtraction, ranging from rows 4, 5 and 6 for 2 digits and 2, 3 and d4 for 3 digits numbers. Their mental math capacities also increase from Level 2.

What is taught in abacus Level 2? ›

In Abacus Level 2, the students will continue to learn more formulas and understand their complexities. From this level onwards, students will be taught to enhance their speed to calculate faster and become more efficient in forming formulas as well as apply them perfectly.

How much I can earn from abacus? ›

Average starting Salary for Abacus Teacher in India is around ₹0.7 Lakh per year (₹5.8k per month). No prior experience is required to be a Abacus Teacher. What is the highest salary for a Abacus Teacher in India? Highest salary that a Abacus Teacher can earn is ₹33.3 Lakhs per year (₹2.8L per month).

At what age can you teach abacus? ›

Children can start learning abacus at any age between 4-13 years old. There are different pros and cons for a child to start an abacus math class at a younger or older age. See questions 5 and 6 for the pros and cons for starting your child at a younger age vs.

Is teaching abacus good for kids? ›

Training In An Abacus Class Triggers Whole Brain Development

Abacus Training requires a child to use both his/her hands to move the beads on the Abacus tool. This activates the left and the right hemisphere of the brain. It thus triggers whole brain development and makes kids smarter than their peers.

What are the 3 uses abacus? ›

Use of Abacus

It is used to perform addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

What is the first level of abacus? ›

In Abacus Level 1, the students are first taken through a brief introduction of the concept, by letting them know its history and its modern age application.

Which abacus classes are best? ›

  • Kids Abacus classes in India have levels of training. ...
  • SIP Academy India, PVT. ...
  • ADEPT Home Tutions, Visakhapatnam.
  • The Midas Touche Educare, Kolkata.
  • Cue Learn Pvt. ...
  • Kesav Institute of Mathematical Science, Mumbai.
  • Brain Master, Bangalore.

Which abacus is best to learn? ›

The better quality sorobans will provide smooth moving beads and touch ergonomics that help build physical speed. For a beginning student, we recommend a low cost 15 or 17 rod plastic abacus. Students can always upgrade their abacus as they advance their math training.

What is the most popular abacus? ›

There are many kinds of abacus present but the Japanese abacus or soroban is the widely used one. It has 4 beads at the bottom deck and 1 bead at the upper deck.

Which type of abacus is best for kids? ›

Soroban Is The Abacus That Is Still Used Today As A Counting Device. It Is Being Used As A Brain Development Tool For Small Kids, Mostly As An After-School Program.

What are the side effects of abacus? ›

It has some side effects such as Diarrhoea,Abdominal pain,Abnormal liver function,Gi tract symptoms. The salts Acarbose are involved in the preparation of Abacus Tablet.

Which age is best for abacus classes? ›

It is important that the student can count upto 100 prior joining for Abacus training. Considering this pre-requisite, Abacus has been taught all over from the age of 5 or 6. At this age, children have the required motor skills to manipulate the Abacus bead movements with confidence.

What replaced the abacus? ›

The abacus survives today in the Middle East, China, and Japan, but it has been largely replaced by electronic calculators.

What is the person who uses abacus called? ›

Both abacuses and abaci are used as plurals. The user of an abacus is called an abacist.

Is abacus still relevant today? ›

The abacus is still in use today by shopkeepers in Asia and "Chinatowns" in North America. The abacus is still taught in Asian schools, and a few schools in the West. Blind children are taught to use the abacus where their sighted counterparts would be taught to use paper and pencil to perform calculations.

Does Montessori use abacus? ›

The Abacus which is used in a Montessori classroom is quite different from abacuses for children. This beautifully designed Abacus has the numbers 1, 10, 100, and 1000 on the left-hand side of the wooden frame, with the correct coloured beads on each row. These beads represent units, tens, hundreds, and thousands.


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