Free things to do at Disney Springs (2023)

Are you in Disney World and need a break from the attractions? Or maybe it's the end of the day and you still have some energy left after exploring some of the manyThings to do in Orlando(Seriously, how?!). Visit Disney's outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment complex at Walt Disney World Resort on Lake Buena Vista for family fun.Is Disney Springs free? Yes, entry is free and self-parking is free!There's a lot to see and do, and there's plenty of itFree Disney Springs Activities!

What began as a shopping mall in 1975 has now grown into an entertainment venue with four distinct areas, each with a neighborhood vibe. These areas are Marketplace, The Landing, Town Center and the West Side. Read on to learn more, or skip ahead to my list of free things to do in Disney Springs below.

side note:Disney Springs is differentDisney-Promenade!

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The marketIt's the oldest part of Disney Springs and the place where kids have the most fun. The area is fully Disney themed with textures of Disney characters. It has great restaurants like the T-rex Cafe and the Rainforest Cafe and is famous for its magic toy shops. The Lego Store, Once Upon a Toy and World of Disney are worth a visit. World of Disney is a particularly big attraction because it is the largest Disney Store in the world.

The landingHere are all the fancy restaurants. Visit Pizza Pronte for the best pizza you've ever tasted. Maria and Enzos is another great place for Italian food. Enjoy the music at night and join the crowd to dance to the DJ's tunes Thursday through Sunday.

the city centerShop 'til you drop at r. Here you'll find well-known brands, boutiques specializing in Disney and some of the best grocery stores for fast food. Visit the Coca Cola Store, Planet Hollywood Food Court, Chicken Guy and Polite Pig for a taster.

west sideIt is the center for entertainment and nightlife in Disney Springs. Daily entertainment and live music can be found on the Park Stage in this area.

If you're visiting Disney Springs on vacation, don't bother paying for the following items!

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1. Free entry

There is absolutely no entrance fee to enter Disney Springs. This is especially great because not much comes for free at Disney World! In fact, you don't even need a parking ticket to enter this place. This means anyone craving a little Disney magic can jump right in without worrying about burning a hole in their pocket!

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2. Free parking

Disney Springs offers free parking in four locations, namely the Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lime garages. If you've been to Disney World before, you know that free parking is definitely an issue. Add to this that the car parks actually tell you how many parking spaces are available on each floor and you have exactly the parking solution you were looking for. Please note that if you are going to a special event at Disney Springs, it is advisable to arrive an hour before the start time to ensure you get a seat.

3. Free bus rides

Even if you haven't booked a stay at the Disney Resorts, you can always visit them for dinner or just to hang out. And what about getting there, you ask? Free bus rides to every single one of them! Just hop on the bus in the city center and go from one resort to another. Buses run every 20 minutes from 10:30am to 5:00pm. M. to 11:30 p.m. M. on different color-coded routes: blue, yellow, green and red route. How cool is that?

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4. Free boat trips

Kids and adults alike enjoy riding Disney's water transport, making it one of the most popular free activities at Disney Springs. The Sassagoula Steamboat Company takes you to the Disney Resorts. One boat takes you to Saratoga Springs Resort and the other to Old Key West Resort. There are also two other places where you can ride the boat for free, namely Westside and Marketplace. Children and adults alike find traveling enjoyableDisney WassertransportFun, which makes it one of the most popular free activities at Disney Springs. So take some time to relax, enjoy the view and float on the waters of Lake Buena Vista.

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5. Window displays at the World of Disney Store

Yes, you will most likely have a hard time buying anything from the largest Disney store in the world, but who says you have to! Browsing through the selections at the World of Disney Store is sure to keep you and the kids busy for some time, worthy of its free status. The store offers accessories, home decor, toys, souvenirs, and really anything else Disney related. Spend hours here getting lost in the magic and good luck keeping your kids away from all the sweet treats!

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6. Experience some performing arts

The AdventHealth Waterside stage is directly opposite the Marketplace area. Here you can catch shows by Disney Performing Arts dance companies during the day and live music at night. Children especially enjoy the children's dance parties.

7. Eat some chocolate samples

Stroll through the famous Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop for some free chocolate samples. What you want to look for is a greeter carrying a basket of assorted squares of chocolate. Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares, Peppermint Bark Squares and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Squares are just a few. There's no guarantee chocolate won't just lure you into the store, so maybe it will when you and the kids are already pretty stuffed with food!

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8. Watch some free live music shows

There's no shortage of places to stop with your family for a free Disney Springs music extravaganza. Head to the scenic Waterview Park Stage to watch a sunset and hear some tunes; the Sunshine Highline Stage for unique international music; or if you're more into the sounds of the blues, head to the Front Porch of the House of Blues for a musical treat.

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9. Photo alarm

Stop by DisneyStyle to have your picture taken sitting on a stationary teacup!

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10. Celebrate Christmas off-season

Disney Springs celebrates Christmas all year round. Listen to Christmas carols and enjoy the Christmas spirit with your family. Adults will enjoy being inspired by elegant Christmas ornaments to decorate the home during the holiday season. You'll see giant Christmas trees with eye-catching designs, like the Mickey and Minnie tree, the Chocolate tree, the Disney Robin Hood Christmas tree, and the Toy Story Christmas tree. Children have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus in his cozy cabin. It's free fun for everyone!

11. Another photo opportunity

Visit the Orlando Harley-Davidson Store for an envious photo. Although no bikes are assembled or sold here, the central attraction of this clothing store is the stationary motorbike. Get on the Harley and capture the rock star photo for your new social media cover photo. They also have a cool TV screen that shows bike videos for your entertainment.

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12. Free playground at T-Rex Cafe

If your kids tire you and you need a break, head to the T-Rex Cafe where the play area is completely free. The free Paleo Zone is a sandpit where little ones can explore the history of planet Earth while searching for fossils. Another eye-catcher in the café, which is placed exclusively for educational purposes, are the digital mupis (digital info point). The T-Rex Cafe is greatDisney Springs restaurant for familieswith that shaded area and a fun themed menu.

13. Get some soaps and scrubs

Head to the Basin for an explosion of scents, pick up some free samples and get smelled so good. They have a variety of bespoke soaps, bath bombs, candles, natural body scrubs, essences, body butters and sugar soufflés all available to try.

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14. A lucky chance to see the volcano show for free

Popularly known as the Marketplace Show, the erupting volcano at the Rainforest Cafe is free to view and photograph. This brilliant fire and smoke spectacle erupts every 30 minutes so you may have to wait a bit depending on when you show up, but it's worth it. I would recommend stopping in the evening to see the 2 minute wonder exhibition in all its sparkling glory. If you get close enough, you can even feel the heat.

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15. Take a free bath

Make cool moves at Disney Springs Splash! This free outdoor play area is great for cooling off on a sunny day and your kids will love the fountains and sprinklers. This fun Disney Springs activity takes place in two locations: one near the Earl of Sandwich and one behind the Christmas Shop. Remember to bring a change of clothes or a bathing suit.

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16. Browse Disney art

Immerse yourself in the fine art, paintings and statues at the Art of Disney Gallery, then shop at Market Square. Watch artists paint live and take painting to another level. Visit during the peak hours of sunshine to spend time on the air-conditioned veranda and admire the lines and dashes.

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17. Free Wi-Fi at Disney Springs

Free wifi is always a big plus no matter where you are. All Disney Springs locations offer free Wi-Fi connectivity so you don't have to spend anything on your personal internet, whether it's checking your email or keeping your kids entertained during downtime!

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18. Goofy's Glacier Chocolate

Get a free gift at Goofy's Glacier to make your vacation even sweeter. Plus, Goofy's Candy Co is giving away cold drinks as freebies. The store is full of goodies for both children and adults. These include candy, alcoholic frozen glacial and tart slushies available in raspberry, strawberry and mango flavors and more. In this magical candy shop, you and the kids can watch the staff making candy.

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19. Shape structures in Legos

Take part in fun Lego building activities at the Lego Store in the Marketplace. You don't have to spend a penny for the interactive play area. Another fun and free thing you can do there is take photos of your kids with their massive 8-foot-tall Lego sculptures. Help them build their own jet or craft their own Lego figures here!

20. Witness a princess parade

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is hosting a Princess Parade in Disney Springs. The parade starts at 3 p.m. M. every day, weather permitting. Feel the grandeur of princesses as you join Cinderella, Tiana, Snow White and the Fairies. Learn all about the fictional stories of the kingdom and have fun!

21. Free ice water

Beat the heat with a glass of ice cold water, available for free almost anywhere in Disney Springs. On sunny days you can quench your thirst in all grocery stores. Of course you have to pay for bottled water, but as long as you use free cold water you don't need it!

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22. Interactive time at the Rainforest Cafe

Hop into the Rainforest Cafe for a trip into the jungle. This jungle-themed restaurant not only offers delicious food, but also has its own ecosystem in its dense vegetation zone. It really is one of the best restaurants in Disney Springs. Take the opportunity to meet their brilliant fish and rare birds.

23. Listen to the chatter of the birds

The Rainforest Cafe also offers visitors the chance to talk to their real tropical birds for free (provided the birds are willing). You can often see the birds talking to the staff. If you miss it, don't worry because a simulation is also available at the entrance.

24. Grinding and blowing watch glasses

Arribas Brothers' Crystal Arts in Disney Springs offers viewers a fun demonstration of glass cutting and etching throughout the day. Here you will find a lot of collectible glassware and you can also have your name engraved on glass here. You will be "impressed" as you watch these artisans work their magic!

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25. Go in search of Mickey

Disney Springs has plenty of hidden Mickeys for kids to look for! While there are no rewards for doing this, it's still a great hobby activity.

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26. A stand full of beer

Peruse the Starbucks Coffeehouse in the Westside neighborhood to see amazing moss artwork visible through the ceiling. They also have spectacular interiors with a fireplace and a touch-sensitive video wall to experiment with. you can grab tooBreakfast here at Disney Springsif you arrive early

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27Claim your complimentary necklace at Luxury Of Timevon Diamond International

All you need is your code on the Disney Springs card for your child to receive their very own free necklace. No purchase required! If the card doesn't have a code, just ask like we did! The photo above shows our necklace with Swarovski crystals. UPDATE: This has currently been stopped and we don't know when it will return but will update if it does!

Here are some nearly free things to do in Disney Springs:

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  • What makes a trip more exciting? An Affordable, Kid-Friendly Express Train Ride in the Market Square! Prices are as low as $3 per ride and $5 for two.
  • Enjoy cheap shopping at Uniqlo. Here you can find cheap Disney merchandise, including t-shirts, for as little as $6.
  • If you're on a budget and want to grab some lunch, drop by the Earl of Sandwich and sign up for yourEarl of Sandwich Loyalty Club. Your lunch will be discounted.
Free things to do at Disney Springs (18)
  • Go Horsin' Around - This is a unique and colorful market square carousel with 16 handcrafted horses. Rides are possible for all age groups from 1 p.m. M. to 10 p.m. M. for a $3 minimum fee.
Free things to do at Disney Springs (19)
  • It's cupcake time - stop for a cupcake break at Sprinkles Bakery for moist and creamy options. Whether it's red velvet or salted caramel, they have cupcakes for just $4.95. Your ATM dispenses cupcakes like magic. To receive offers, join the Sprinkles rewards program and download your app.

Well, that concludes my list of free things to do in Disney Springs! Did you discover something new on your next visit? Let me know your recommendations.

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Can I go to Disney Springs for free? ›

Disney Springs is free to visit. A park ticket is not required and standard parking is complimentary.

What Disney attractions are free? ›

Here's our list of the top 10 free things to do at Walt Disney World.
  • Visit Disney Springs. ...
  • Stroll along Disney's Boardwalk. ...
  • Watch a Movie Under the Stars. ...
  • Ride the Monorails. ...
  • Take a Scenic Boat Ride. ...
  • Enjoy Live Music. ...
  • See Animals of the Savanna. ...
  • Go on a Scavenger Hunt.
Mar 29, 2018

What are the attractions at Disney Springs? ›

Disney Springs

Does it cost money to walk around Disney Springs? ›

A visit to Disney Springs offers so much to see and do. Incredible dining options, unique entertainment, and of course amazing shops make this spot a must-see during your visit. And the best part is, there are no tickets or entrance fees required!

Can you spend a full day at Disney Springs? ›

Disney Springs often gets overlooked when Guests are planning their Walt Disney World Resort itinerary and then they do not have enough time to enjoy everything this area has to offer. Yes, you can absolutely spend an entire day at Disney Springs!

Can you go to Disney BoardWalk for free? ›

Can you go to the Disney BoardWalk for free? Disney's BoardWalk itself is absolutely free of charge and open to the public, including non-guests. However, the entertainment venue Jellyrolls has an admission charge, and you'll need a valid admission ticket to enter any of the nearby theme parks.


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