How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (2023)

This guide has been created to show Bromcom users how to sign up and use our newBromcom online community. This community is currently offered to "basic" Bromcom users as opposed to teachers or parents.

This guide will be divided into the following sections. Click on one of them to jump to that section, or take the guide at your own pace.

  • What is an online community?
  • Registration and login
  • Manage your profile
  • Navigate the community
  • To ask questions/write posts
  • Answering or replying to a question/post
  • Data protection and editing of screenshots
  • Search using the search bar
  • Search using tags
  • Receive notifications
  • Access to the community on your phone
  • What's next?

What is an online community?

The online community is a new informal space where Bromcom users can connect and share knowledge and best practices.

The community replaces the old support forum (, which had an outdated interface and was difficult to use. This help forum will be discontinued in June 2022.

The platform is provided by Bromcom, but operated by users. We know that where possible, schools prefer to seek help from other schools who use the software on a daily basis, rather than relying solely on the Bromcom Helpdesk.

There is a large and growing community of users with extensive knowledge on how to maximize Bromcom benefits for their schools. We want the platform to be a place where our users share this knowledge for the benefit of all.

Bromcom will also be an active member of the community by posting useful content including tips, key dates and top tips. And of course to find out how we can make the forum even more useful for our schools.

Registration and login

Anyone who signs up for Bromcom's technical support will receive an email with a link to join the platform. You must enter your email address and password. We are also considering configuring single sign-on during registration and future login options.

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (1)

Click the link and create a new account by filling out the online form.

You are now part of the community. Congratulations!

You are now on the home page, where you can see posts and replies across the platform. this is what it looks like:

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (2)

The community has many rooms related to different areas.

You can click on the links for each room to go to those rooms and see what has been posted there (eg Bromcom General).

(Video) All Saints Catholic School - How do I take my register in Bromcom?

Manage your profile

Click the profile icon in the upper right corner to open the profile menu.

Clickyour profileto see the following;

  • Posts you create, e.g. questions.
  • Your responses to other people's posts.
  • The rooms (groups) you belong to. e.g. Bromcom general.

You can clickUser Settingsto change your email address and password.

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (3)

If you make changes, clickUpdateto save changes.

You can also click to edit your profile, which allows you to add an avatar/profile picture, edit your name, tagline and badge message.

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (4)

Navigate the community

Each time you log in, the community home page is displayed.

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (5)

Memberswill show you other community members, you can go here to view member profiles including posts, replies and spaces.

gapshows all community sites such as Bromcom General, Finance Queries and MAT Analytics.

Bromcom's general roomonly used by Bromcom to advertise and conduct live training. You will be able to reply but will not be able to write to Bromcom General.

What do you mean?is a place where you can write a new post or ask a question.

Asused to reply to a post or reply.

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (6)

followmeans that you will be notified when a reply has been added to a post.

Participationget a link to the post to show it to others elsewhere via email or chat, as long as the recipient is a member of the room and has permission to view the content. You can useParticipationcontent across posts/questions in multiple rooms.

(Video) Bromcom MIS overview

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (7)

Searchused to enter keywords in posts.

Selected tagsis located throughout and contains a list of keywords or tags used to find posts that fall into different categories (syllabus, schedule, register, etc.).

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (8)

Notifications appear when you clicknotification bell. This can show activity related to posts you've written, followed and replied to. You can also edit it to suit your needs.

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (9)

To ask questions/write posts

ClickWhat do you mean?on the website orblue plusbutton next to itprofile

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (10)

Choose a locationwhere you ask a question/write your post, for example Bromcom General.

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (11)

You can only post a question/content in one place at a time, but you can share a link to an existing post if you want the post to appear in multiple places.

ClickWhat do you mean?in the room will automatically select this place for the post. e.g. Bromcom general.

To write a post

Add a titleand ask a question/write your post.

  • Aa is used to add formatting.
  • Emoticons can be added using the emoji button.
  • Images can be uploaded or combined using the image button.
  • Attachments can be added using the paper clip button.
  • @ followed by the member's name is used to mention another member and will be notified (if this notification option is enabled).
  • Add tags to make it easier for others to find your question/post. A post can have multiple tags, such as curriculum or schedule.
  • Click Submit to submit your post.
  • Most posts must be approved before being published based on their keywords.
  • You can copy and paste screenshots, but please edit staff, student and school/trust data.


How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (12)

Answering or replying to a question/post

ClickResponseLubWhat do you meanin the post to answer it.

(Video) Bromcom MIS Demo

Answering is the same as posting a question, but it is embedded in another post to create a thread.

Click the arrowto post your answer.

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (13)

You can also react to a post or reply by clicking the buttonAsbutton.

Floating aboveAsbutton on the main post offers more reaction emoticons.

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (14)

Data protection and editing of screenshots

Personal information (students, staff, contacts, etc.) from your school's Bromcom page should not be shared on the social media platform.Screenshots are very useful for describing a problem or showing a solution, but remove/hide sensitive information if possible.

  • Crop a screenshot in Windows 10 by simultaneously pressing: Shift, Windows, S.
  • Cut and Snip in Sketch.
  • Use a tag to edit or hide personal information. You can also use the crop tool to show only part of the screen without personal information.
  • Save the screenshot.
  • Attach a screenshot to your post or reply.
How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (15)

Search using the search bar

Go to the homepage.

click onSearchbar and enter the keywords for the posts you want to find, e.g. Census.

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (16)

Posts that match the keywords you entered will be displayedatIposts.

You can also use the so-calledSearch barlook for members and places.

TheSearcha bar found in each room will only look for content in that room (not across the entire platform).

Search using tags

Each room hasSelected tagsplate.

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (17)
(Video) Bromcom MAT Vision and Power BI - linking them together.

Click on tagto see posts that have been categorized by that keyword in that space, such as syllabus or cover (you can only filter by one tag at a time).

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (18)

By clicking ClearresetsSelected tagsfilter to make all posts in the room visible again. Note that a post can have several tags (eg Club, Clubs and Participation).

Receive notifications

click onnotification bellto see activity related to posts you've written, followed, and replied to.

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (19)

ClickNotification settingsgear button to change what you want to see when you clicknotification bell.

How to use Bromcom's online community - Bromcom (20)

E-mailis a switch that allows you to receive notifications in your email inbox.

Desktop notificationis an on/off button that allows you to receive browser notifications in Chrome and Firefox mentions sets up notifications when someone mentions you with an @ followed by the member's name.

Reactionssets up notifications when someone likes or responds to a post or reply.

gapallows you to configure notifications for each location.

Access to the community on your phone

The community does not have a separate app, but can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet, and its layout is optimized for use on smaller iOS and Android devices.

A useful tip is to log in with your phone and add the page to bookmarks/add to home screen - This allows you to access it from your phone's home screen as if it were an app.

What's next?

The community is ongoing and we appreciate you taking the time to participate early to help us expand the service to provide more value to Bromcom's customers.

It will be continuously developed and improved, and it will be very useful to fill out the short survey below so that we can get structured feedback on what works well on the platform and what can be improved.

Bromcom online community questionnaire

(Video) Bromcom 2021

Thank you for your time!


How does Bromcom work? ›

Bromcom's API is a secure web service that supports automatic data transfer with third party systems. This is a free to use option (for read access) with a free support programme for any third party wishing to integrate with the Bromcom MIS. The API scope covers all data items and is subject to access permission.

How do I log into my Bromcom app? ›

Login to the Bromcom MIS with your Bromcom account details (School ID, Username and Password) and click the Login button. Go to your My Account page, which is available via the dropdown menu in the top right hand corner of the page.

How do I import a report into Bromcom? ›

From the left Menu, go to Modules>Assessment>Manage Data. Once the page loads, click on Actions>Import Assessment Data. Select the file you wish to import, tick/select the relevant options and click Next.

How do I contact Bromcom? ›

Available from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday except Wednesdays 8am-4pm at the end of the phone (020 8290 7177) or via email are our team of trained developers and customer support technicians.

What are the benefits of Bromcom? ›

Bromcom AI
Personalised LearningEnhanced student outcomes and a more engaged student body
Behaviour AnalyticsBetter classroom management and improved student behaviour
Resource OptimisationImproves resource management and increased cost savings
7 more rows

What is Bromcom transaction fee? ›

What are the transaction fees? The transaction charges are 1.275% of the transition.

How do I export data from Bromcom? ›

To do this from the left Menu go to Modules > Assessment and from Routines select Manage Templates.
  1. Select a Template to Export and click on Export Templates from the Actions dropdown list.
  2. Click the Export button and the Template will be Exported to your Downloads area as an XML file.
Nov 11, 2022

How do you set up an information report? ›

Follow the seven steps on report writing below to take you from an idea to a completed paper.
  1. 1 Choose a topic based on the assignment. ...
  2. 2 Conduct research. ...
  3. 3 Write a thesis statement. ...
  4. 4 Prepare an outline. ...
  5. 5 Write a rough draft. ...
  6. 6 Revise and edit your report. ...
  7. 7 Proofread and check for mistakes.
May 10, 2023

How do I export a report from Bromcom? ›

To Export the Results select the Student or Students required, use the Search box to adapt the selection if required. From Actions button choose Export Results from the dropdown.

Who owns Bromcom? ›

Ali Guryel - Chairman & Managing Director - Bromcom Computers Plc | LinkedIn.

Where is Bromcom based? ›

London , United Kingdom

How do I check my attendance on Bromcom? ›

From the left Menu go to Reports > Attendance to see a list of Attendance Reports.

How do I get a Bromcom account? ›

Go to Modules > Setup > System Security > System User.
  1. Click on New to create a new account.
  2. Go to Third Party Access Permissions & Logs page to maintain third party accounts access Read Only Permissions for the APIs.

Does Bromcom have an app? ›

Description. Bromcom Teacher App is designed to help teachers to complete their day to day tasks on the go quickly and easily.

What are 3 benefits of school? ›

10 Benefits Showing Why Education Is Important to Our Society
  • Creating More Employment Opportunities. ...
  • Securing a Higher Income. ...
  • Developing Problem-solving Skills. ...
  • Improving the Economy. ...
  • Providing a Prosperous and Happy Life. ...
  • Giving Back to the Community. ...
  • Creating Modern Society. ...
  • Bridging the Borders.

What are the benefits of children in school? ›

Benefits of Education are Societal and Personal
  • Poverty Reduction.
  • Connecting Across Borders.
  • Sense of Accomplishment.
  • More Productivity.
  • Better Communication.
  • Critical Thinking Skills.
  • Identification of Skills.
  • Greater Sense of Discipline.

What are the benefits of in person schooling? ›

Advantages of In-Person Classes
  • Fewer distractions. You may have a difficult time focusing on school when you're studying remotely. ...
  • More structure. The routine of attending a class at the same time each week can be a helpful way to learn. ...
  • Face time with peers and professors.
Sep 23, 2022

What database does Bromcom use? ›

Bromcom hosts all of its cloud hosted MIS services on the Microsoft Azure Platform and these services are run exclusively from the UK North and UK South Azure Regions, therefore all data stored on the Bromcom MIS cloud hosted solution remains in the UK only.

Why am I paying a transaction fee? ›

Transaction rate fees

Interchange fees: The credit card networks set interchange fees, which your bank pays to your customer's bank for each purchase to offset transaction risks, such as card fraud and other handling costs. Your processor passes this charge along to you as part of your rate.

Why do I have to pay a transaction fee? ›

Transaction fees are one of the ways a financial services provider can charge customers for using an account or a payment card. Account holders pay a small fee each time they ask the issuing bank or account provider to process a transaction cost.

How to do a CTF on Bromcom? ›

To begin, go to the Student List page. You do not need to select any Students. From the top of the page, select Actions then CTF Import.

How do I get data from Bloomberg? ›

You can print or export screen shots from Bloomberg. Click the "export" icon at the top right for a list of options. If you choose to print, you will get a pop-up window asking for your PacePortal credentials.

How do I send data from Bloomberg? ›

Place cursor at the corner of table in Bloomberg. Click and drag the data you would like to copy. Bloomberg will copy text/data automatically without Ctrl + C. In Excel, press Ctrl + V to paste the data.

What are the 3 types of information reports? ›

There are different types of information reports you can write, including:
  • Weekly reports. A weekly report can provide information about the progress of a project or goals every week. ...
  • Annual reports. ...
  • Project reports. ...
  • Sales and marketing reports. ...
  • Academic reports. ...
  • Research reports. ...
  • Title. ...
  • Table of contents.
Sep 30, 2022

What are the 3 main parts of an information report? ›

A basic information report will typically consist of three parts: an introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion.

What are the two methods that can be used to create a reporting services report? ›

There are two ways to create an SSRS project, either manually or with a wizard.

How do I export results? ›

Export query results
  1. Enter your query in the SQL Statements pane of Interactive SQL.
  2. Choose SQL » Execute.
  3. Choose Data » Export.
  4. Specify a location for the results and click Next.
  5. For text, HTML, and XML files, type a file name in the File Name field and click Export. For an ODBC database: ...
  6. Click Close.

How do I print a class list from Bromcom? ›

Once the list has been filtered to the Students required, and any additional columns added, the list can be exported to Excel for formatting and printing if required by clicking on the Export List to Excel button.

How do I export a custom report? ›

To export custom reports
  1. From the > Reports menu, click Manage Custom Reports.
  2. Click a row with an . rdl custom report and click the Export button.
  3. Change the file name if needed, navigate to where you want to save it, and click Save.

What is Bromcom cloud? ›

Bromcom Cloud MIS for Primary is a cloud-based school MIS that provides a powerful suite of administration, analysis and communication tools. In addition to the essentials, Bromcom includes a parent portal, clubs/trips management and student/parent/teacher apps.

Who is the CEO of Bromcom? ›

Ali Guryel is CEO of Bromcom

Ali Guryel is the Founder , Chairman & Managing Director at Bromcom.

How do I delete a Behaviour event on Bromcom? ›

Dependent of permissions events logged against a student can be deleted in either the Individual Student Profile in Behaviour by selecting the event and clicking the delete icon or in Modules>Behaviour>Event Records, use the filters to locate the Event/s and then select and Delete.

Where is Boston Public School? ›

Boston Public Schools
2300 Washington Street, Roxbury, Boston, MA 02119 United States
District information
14 more rows

How do I take attendance online? ›

You can create an electronic attendance sheet on google drive and share it with the class. Students can log into the google form and submit the attendance sheet. Make separate google forms for each class. Google form is an online poll that students can fill out to submit.

How can I track my online attendance? ›

Clockify is the latest free attendance tracker that helps you track work time and employee attendance. See who was present, when, what they worked on, and how long.

What is the best way to track student attendance? ›

Roll-call attendance: This involves tracking attendance by calling out the students' names to see if they are present. Signing a list/asking students to write down their names: This involves passing around a sheet of paper/an attendance list.

How do I generate detention in Bromcom? ›

To start from the left Menu, go to Config > Behaviour > Detention Types. Highlight the Detention Type you want Schedule then click on the Schedule button.

How does the American school age system work? ›

In US, mandatory school age is from 5 to 18 years old, where elementary schools (K-5th grade) from the age of 5, middle schools (6th to 8th grade) from 11 and high school (9th to 12th grade) from the age of 14. In America, we say students are in 7th Grade while British students of the same age are in Year 8.

How does the British school house system work? ›

The house system is a traditional feature of schools in the United Kingdom. The practice has since spread to Commonwealth countries. The school is divided into subunits called "houses" and each student is allocated to one house at the moment of enrollment.

What is the easiest way to get detention? ›

Check out your specific classroom rules for more ways to get detention:
  • Chew gum in class or eat something. If your teacher doesn't notice, blow big bubbles, pop them, and smack your lips loudly. ...
  • Eat and do so very rudely and loudly. ...
  • Bring in your whole makeup bag, a brush, and a small mirror. ...
  • Get changed in class.

How does someone get detention? ›

The term 'detained' often refers to the immediacy when someone has their liberty deprived, often before an arrest or pre-arrest procedure has yet been followed. For example, a shoplifter being pursued and restrained, but not yet informed they are under arrest or read their rights would be classed as 'detained'.

How do you do in detention? ›

Typically, detentions are served after school. Instead of going home at the end of the day, the student reports to a designated classroom where he or she must sit in a desk for an amount of time generally rang- ing from 10 minutes to two hours, with an hour or less being most typical.

What grade should a 9 year old be in? ›

Age Requirements and Grade Placement
GradeAge by 31st August
38 years old
49 years old
510 years old
611 years old
7 more rows

What grade is a 7 year old in? ›

What grade am I in?
Student Age (as of September 1, 2023)American Grade Equivalent
10 years oldGrade 5
9 years oldGrade 4
8 years oldGrade 3
7 years oldGrade 2
7 more rows

What grade is 13 years old? ›

The seventh grade is typically the second or third year of middle school. Children in seventh grade are around 12–13 years old.

How is British school different from American school system? ›

The US curriculum tends to have a national focus while the British curriculum tends to have a broader view. The US often relies heavily on text books while the British curriculum uses a variety of sources and authentic texts.

What do you give house points for? ›

Each pupil is allocated to a house when they join the school. Pupils earn house points for good work, behaviour or participation, for example. Houses also compete with one another, often at sports and in other ways, providing a focus for teamwork and group loyalty.

What is the meaning of the blue house in school? ›

The Blue House: Its depicts Bravery which inculcates in student that they should not fear any given situation in life and should face all the situation upfront and with utmost bravery.


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(Xavier Marcal)
5. Session 6 - How Bromcom’s Finance solutions can support Local Authorities
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(Bromcom Computers Plc)


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