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map_o[Nm].models=function(c){if(c) return mappls.add3DModel({map:ta});else mappls.removeModel3D({map:ta});}; map_o[Nm][atob('cmVhbHZpZXc=')]=function(s,cb){if('function'!== type mappls[atob('cnZs')]) mappls.mjs('realview_v1.js') ;try{mappls[atob('cnZs')](this,s,cb);}catch(e){console.warn(e);}}; map_o[Nm].closePopup=function(callback){ mappls.closepop(); if(callback) callback(); }; map_o[Nm][atob('c2V0VG9rZW4=')] =function(t) { var rtn=false; if(t){ var map=this,pth=mappls.mmi.pth.replace('//map','/map').split('/map_sdk')[0]; if(pth) { pth+="/advancedmaps/v1/"+t.toString()+"/map_sdk?v=2&layer=raster&checkToken="+Math.floor(Math.random()*100); var res=MapUtil.getJSON(pth,function(d){ if(d && d.indexOf(atob('Ym0h'))!=-1){ var d_arr=d.split(atob('Ym0h')); if(d[0]) {mappls.expiry=(Math.floor([0]); map_key=mappls.mmi.k=t.toString(); map.setStyle( map.getStyle()); } if(d[1]) { mappls.mmi.pb=btoa(d_arr[1]+"bm!"+t.toString()); if("object"==type MMIencrypt ) MMIencrypt['setPub'+'licKey']('bm!') } rtn=true; } }) } } return rtn; }; map_o[Nm]['number']=Nm; map_o[Nm].attribution=function(h){if(this.num!==undefined && h){var adv=mappls.$('#mmi_attrib'+this.num);if(adv) adv.innerHTML= H;};}; map_o[Nm][atob('dHJhZmZpYw==')]=functions{ if(this.getStyle()){ var lrs=this.getStyle().layers; for(variable i=0;i=1) { while(pps.długość>0) pps[0].remove(); }}, geo:function(p){ var glc=new mapplsgl.GeolocateControl({positionOptions: {enableHighAccuracy: true},trackUserLocation: true});map_o[].addControl(glc);glc.on(' geolocate',function(data) {mappls.current_location=[data.coords.latitude,data.coords.longitude];if(p.geolocation_callback) p.geolocation_callback(data);}); }, ind_ctrl:[],indoor_flr_clk:[], indendørs:function(mapobj,e,indoor_sts,indoor_callback) { if(indoor_sts!==false) { if(mapobj.getZoom()>=16) { var layer=( map_o[].getLayer('footprints_indoor_3d_1_floor')!=undefined?map_o[].queryRenderedFeatures({layers:['footprints_indoor_3d_1_floor']}):''); if(warstwa.długość>=1) { var tb="",tr="",budynek=[],open_one=0; for(var i=0;i0?ppt.FLOOR:(ppt.FLOOR+ppt.INI_FLOOR))-1,base_flr=-1; if(building.indexOf(bulding)!=-1) fortsæt; building.push(konstruktion); var iniflr_ct=(ppt.INI_FLOOR>0?ppt.INI_FLOOR:0); if(ppt.FLOOR>1) { var maxflr_ct=(ppt.INI_FLOOR<0?(ppt.FLOOR+ppt.INI_FLOOR):ppt.FLOOR); for(var j=iniflr_ct;j"+(nr_flt>0?nr_flt:'G')+"";nr_flt--; } if(maxflr_ct-iniflr_ct==1) { flt_dv+="


"; } } if(ppt.INI_FLOOR<0) { for(var k=ppt.INI_FLOOR;k<0;k++) { flt_dv+="

"+ base_flr+"

";base_flr--; } } var def_open_flr=""; if(mappls.indoor_flr_clk[1]===niezdefiniowany || mappls.indoor_flr_clk[1]=='niezdefiniowany'){if(i===0) def_open_flr ="flr_opndv";open_one=1;} andet if(mappls.indoor_flr_clk[1]==bulding ) {def_open_flr="flr_opndv";open_one=1;} if(mappls.indoor_flr_clk[0]-1!=iniflr_ct && mappls .indoor_flr_clk[1]!=budynek) mappls.floor_show({map:map_o[],floor:iniflr_ct}); if(ppt.FLOOR>1 || ppt.INI_FLOOR<0) { tr+="
"; tr+="0) bm('.flr_opndv')[0].classList.remove('flr_opndv');var ds=bm('#"+bulding+"');ds.classList.add('flr_opndv');\" >"; } } if(inside_callback!=udefineret) {inside_callback(lag); return true;} else { if(mappls.ind_ctrl[]) mapobj.removeControl(mappls.ind_ctrl[]); mappls. ind_ctrl[]=ny mcontrol(tb+tr+"


",'indoor_cls'); mapobj.addControl(mappls.ind_ctrl[],mappls.indr_pos.replace('_','-')); if(open_one<1) { try{bm('.bl_flr_dv ')[0].classList.add("flr_opndv");}catch(e){}open_one=1;mappls.floor_show({map:map_o[],floor:0});} } } andet if(mappls.ind_ctrl[]) {mapobj.removeControl(mappls.ind_ctrl[]);mappls.ind_ctrl[]="";} } else if(mappls.ind_ctrl[] ] ]) {mapobj.removeControl(mappls.ind_ctrl[]);mappls.ind_ctrl[]="";} } }, indr_lr:[], floor_show:function(params) { var currentFloor = params . piętro; if(bieżące piętro>=0) bieżące piętro+=1; if(isNaN(bieżące piętro)===false) { var prevflr=1,flrclk= document.getElementsByClassName('flrclk'); if.(længde) >0){ flrclk[0].classList.remove('flrclk');} if(mappls.indoor_flr_clk[0]) prevflr=mappls.indoor_flr_clk[0]; if(params.div!=undefined)params.div. classList.add( "flrclk"); mappls.indoor_flr_clk[0]=bieżąca podłoga;mappls.indoor_flr_clk[1]=params.bldg_id; if(mappls.indr_lr.length<1) { var ).lag; lrs .forEach(funkcja(warstwa, i){if(warstwa && id warstwy.toLowerCase().indexOf('wewnątrz_')!==-1){mappls.indr_lr.push(id warstwy);}}) } mappls .indr_lr.forEach(funkcja(warstwa, i){ if(warstwa){ var bieżącyFilter =; if(bieżący filtr!=nieokreślony) { var ftr=JSON.stringify(bieżący filtr); flr_txt='L00',flr_replace_txt=(bieżącePiętro<10?'L00':'L0')+bieżącePiętro;if(bieżącePiętro<0) flr_replace_txt='B00'+Math.abs(żļące('findex.abs); B00')!=-1) {flr_txt='B00';prevflr=Math.abs(prevflr);} if(prevflr>9) flr_txt='L0'; if(ftr.indexOf('"L0')!= -1 || ftr.indexOf('"B0')!=-1) { var nftr=JSON.parse(ftr.replace(flr_txt+prevflr,flr_replace_txt));, nftr); }, 'widoczność', (currentFloor===1 && layer=='footprints_indoor_2_3floors'?'none':'visible')); } } }); } }, addControl:function(p) { if( && p.html) { var pos="górny-prawy";if(p.pozycja=='górny-lewy'||p.pozycja==' dolny lewy'||p.pozycja=='dolny-prawy') pos=p.pozycja; var ctl=ny mcontrol(p.html,p.class?p.class:"");,pos); ctl.remove=function(){if(;}; zwróć ctl; } else console.warn("Brug koden til HTML"); }, infowin:function(e,callback) { var map="",pcr,evt=e.originalEvent.type; prøv{map=map_o[];pcr=map.getCanvas().style.cursor;features = map.queryRenderedFeatures(e.point);}catch(e){} if(map && map.isStyleLoaded() && pcr!=='celownik'){ var elc='',name='',name_a='',allw=1; prøv{ if(features[0].layer.type=='symbol' && features[0].properties.ELOC) { elc=features[0].properties.ELOC; nazwa=(cechy[0].właściwości.opis?cechy[0].właściwości.opis:cechy[0].właściwości.c); if(!name) name=cechy[0].properties.BLDG_NO;if(!name) name=features[0].properties.name_en;if(!name) name=features[0].properties.LBL_NME; if(cechy[0].właściwości.nazwa_wszystkie) nazwa_a=cechy[0].właściwości.nazwa_wszystko; if(evt=='click') { features.forEach(function(x) { if(x.layer && &&'RealView-Layer') allw=0; }) ; if(allw){ if(!name) name="Mappls PIN:"+elc; if(callback){callback({eloc:elc});} else {new mapplsgl.Popup({maxWidth:'200px'}).setLngLat([e.lngLat.lng,]).setHTML( "


open with

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"-" + icons : "", "type": type, }; map_o.addSource(id, MapUtil.createDataSource(id, geojson)); map_o.addLayer(MapUtil.createDataLayer(ldo)); return map_o.getLayer(identifier); }, addCluster: function (p) { var cType = p.cType !== undefined ? p.cTyp: 0; was isJson = p.isJson !== undefined ? p.isJson : typeof p.geojson=='object'?true:false; var geojson = p.geojson !== undefined ? p.geojson: {}, coordsArray = p.coordsArray !== undefined ? p.coordsArray : [], id = !== undefined ? : "cluster_group" + (clstridx++), icon_image = p.icon_url !== undefined ? p.icon_url : (p.icon? p.icon:""), icon_size = p.icon_size !== undefined ? p.icon_size : 1, fitbounds=p.fitbounds!== undefined ? p.fitbounds: false, fitbounds_options=p.fitboundOptions!== undefined ? p.fitboundOptions:"", popupoptions=p.popupOptions!== undefined ? p.popupOptions:"", clusterMaxZoom = p.clusterMaxZoom !== undefined ? p.clusterMaxZoom : 18, clusterRadius = p.clusterRadius !== undefined ? p.clusterRadius : 20, clustersIcon=p.clustersIcon!== undefined?p.clustersIcon:""; if(popupoptions=='' || popupoptions===undefined) popupoptions=""; if (!isJson) { geojson = { "type": "FeatureCollection", "features": [] }; for (var p = 0; p < coordsArray.length; p++) { var fp = { "type": "Cecha", "geometry": { "type": this.featureType[2], "coordinates": coordsArray[; p] }, "conversion": {} }; geojson . features . push ( fp ) ; this.markerPosition.push(coordsArray[p]); } } if ( geojson . hasOwnProperty ( ' source ' )) if ( geojson . source . hasOwnProperty ( ' give ' ) ) var geojson = geojson . source . data ; if(geojson.type!=='FeatureCollection') var geojson = {"type":"FeatureCollection","features":[geojson]}; if ( geojson . features ) { for ( var i = 0 ; i < geojson . features . length ; i ++ ) { position = geojson . features [ i ]. geometry . coordinates ; this.markerPosition.push(pozycja); } } var; var icn=""; if(map.hasImage(id+'quote')) map.removeImage(id+'quote'); if ( icon_image ) { MapUtil . getJSON ( icon_image , function ( data ) {} ) ; map.loadImage(icon_image, function(boat,object) { map.addImage(id+'coat', object); }); } if(p.hasOwnProperty('clusters')) { } if (cType === 0) var geojson=MapUtil.swapJson(geojson); var clr="",bgclr="";if(p.hasOwnProperty('clustersOptions')) { clr=p.clustersOptions.color;bgclr=p.clustersOptions.background; if ( p . clustersOptions . radius ) clusterRadius = p . clustersOptions . radius ; if ( p . clustersOptions . maxZoom ) clusterMaxZoom = p . clustersOptions . maxZoom ; } id="cluster_mkr" + (clmark++); if ( p . width && ! p . hasOwnProperty ( ' icon_size ' ) ) { icon_size = p . width / 100 ; p [ ' icon_size ' ] = icon_size ; if(p.distribution && !p.distribution) p.distribution=[0,-(p.distribution)]; } if ( clustersIcon ) { clustersIcon = mappls . addImage ( { map : p . map , url : clustersIcon } ) ; } var rtId='',clstr='', ldo = { "id": id, "layerType": mappls.overlaysList[4], "icon_image": icon_image?id+'cat':"", "color": . clr, "icon_size": color_icon, "bgcolor": bgclr, "clusterMaxZoom": clusterMaxZoom, "clusterRadius": clusterRadius, "clustersIcon": clustersIcon }; mappls.clusterLayer.push(identifier);, MapUtil.createSourceData(id, geojson, true, ldo)); if(p.clusters!==false && p.clusters!=='false') { clstr=MapUtil.createDataLayer(ldo);; ldo.layerType = mappls.overlaysList[5]; ldo.cluster = false; var ct=MapUtil.createDataLayer(ldo), clkId=clustersIcon?;; map . on ( 'click ' , clkId , function ( e ) { if ( p . cluster_callback ) { return p . cluster_callback ( e );} var features = map . queryRenderedFeatures ( e . point , { layer : [ clkId ] }); ; var clusterId = features [ 0 ]. properties . cluster_id ; map . getSource ( id ). getClusterExpansionZoom ( clusterId , function ( err , zoom ) { if ( err ) return ; map . easeTo ( { center : functioncje [ 0 ]. geometry .speed, zoom: zoom}); }); }); p.źródło=identifier; p.filter=["!ma", "lick_points"]; }; p.cTyp=1; p.icon=icon_image?id+'code':""; if ( p . icon_size ) p [ ' icon - size ' ] = p . icon_size ; rtId = mappls . addGeoJson ( p ) ; if ( p . clusters ! == false ) rtId . push ( { id : id } ) ; if ( cluster ) rtId . cluster = cluster ; rtId . p = p ; map.on('mousecenter', id, function() { map.getCanvas().style.cursor = 'wskaźnik';}); map.on('mouseleave', id, function() { map.getCanvas().style.cursor = '';}); if((fitbounds!=='false' && fitbounds!==false) || mappls.bnd_all!==false) { var fit_arr=[]; for ( zmienna i = 0 ; i=1){ for(var i=0;i0) { var key = cluster_arr.pop(); if (mappls.layers.hasOwnProperty(key)) { if (map.getLayer(key) !== undefined) { map.removeLayer(key); remove mappls.layers[key]; } if (mappls.sources.hasOwnProperty(key)) { if (map.getSource(key) !== undefined) { map.removeSource(key); delete mappls.sources[key]; } } } length--; } }, create a MarkerElement: function (o) { var el; el = document.createElement('div'); was st_wt=o.width !== undefined ? 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What is better than Google Maps? ›

Google Maps is useful, powerful, accurate, and easy to use. But if you want to keep your privacy, you should avoid it. OsmAnd, Sygic Maps, Apple Maps, HERE WeGo, and Navmii may not be perfect, but they are certainly great alternatives.

Can you view the place in 360 degree using Mappls? ›

With 'Mappls RealView” users can virtually explore India in a full 360-degree panorama view of streets and roads. Furthermore, it gives more information about tourists, residential and commercial areas of cities, and travel destinations and highways as well.

What is the best app for driving directions? ›

Google Maps

With Google Maps you can search for directions to anywhere in the world and, along with driving, this app has support for public transportation, walking and cycling.

What is a good free navigation app for Android? ›

1 Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

A good option for a simple GPS app, Waze Navigation & Live Traffic provides everything you need for a Google Maps substitute, with sufficient quality to serve as a viable alternative.

Is there a free app for navigation? ›

Google Maps 4+

Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and find what you need by getting the latest information on businesses, including grocery stores, pharmacies and other important places.

Is Waze better than Google Maps? ›

To summarize, Waze might be better if you prioritize real-time, frequently updated information from a consistent user community. However, Google Maps is a better pick if you want information on the best route to your destination and local businesses, like where you might stop to eat on the way to your final stop.

What is the difference between Mymaps and Google Maps? ›

Apple Maps is only available for Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, and Mac systems. Google Maps is available for all those devices, as well as Android smartphones and tablets, and it's also available through its website.

Is Waze any good? ›

Which app has better traffic & route accuracy according to users? Waze also had 10 times more reviews mentioning 'real-time traffic' compared to Google Maps. That's not a surprise, since Waze's promise is to deliver exactly that. However, what's important is people's sentiment.

Where does the 360 in 360 degrees come from? ›

He needed a method of measuring angles and naturally followed the Babylonian division of the ecliptic into 360 degrees, dividing the circle the same way. So, although angles come from the Greeks, the 360 degrees comes from Babylonian astronomy.

Does 360 degrees exist? ›

A degree (in full, a degree of arc, arc degree, or arcdegree), usually denoted by ° (the degree symbol), is a measurement of a plane angle in which one full rotation is 360 degrees.

What angle goes 360? ›

An angle of measure 360 degree is called full angle.

What is better than MapQuest? ›

Waze. Waze is a community-driven navigational application. It is free to download and use and monitors routes based on user movements and displays accurate traffic information. Its popularity among drivers is unrivaled as it uses user data to create routes and offer on-the-go navigation.

What navigation app shows police? ›

Even if you know the way, Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more.

Is Waze or MapQuest better? ›

Waze, on the other hand, is more catered to drivers and is ideal for longer road trips, while MapQuest and its numerous overlay options make it the perfect choice for those who like to keep distractions to a minimum.

Which GPS works without internet? ›

Can I use GPS without an Internet connection? Yes. On Android and iPhone devices, the google maps app can locate and follow you wherever you are without the internet or without data. The GPS on your smartphone is able to do both things at the same time.

Which Maps work without internet? ›

Even without internet service, Google Maps can still help you navigate where you need to go -- you just have to download the correct map. If you're planning a trip somewhere you may not have internet service, you should download a map (or several) offline on Google Maps.

What is the easiest GPS to use in a car? ›

The 5 Best Portable Car GPS Navigation Systems For 2023
  • Garmin DriveSmart 66.
  • TomTom Go Comfort 6.
  • TomTom Go Discover 7.
  • TomTom Go Supreme 5.
  • Garmin RV 890.
May 18, 2023

What is the easiest navigation tool? ›

Google Maps is a great navigation tool since it's easy to use, reliable, and free. However, if you need to optimize more than 10 stops on a regular basis, you should consider looking into more specialized software like Badger Maps (for sales) or RouteXL (for delivery routes).

Which navigation app is better? ›

A Comprehensive List of Best Navigation Apps for Android & iOS Users
Navigation AppsTop Features
GoogleRoute Planning Google assistant Live traffic updates
Upper Route PlannerRoute planning & optimization Route scheduling Street views Voice navigation
WazeMap navigation Real-time updates Parking notifications
12 more rows
Dec 23, 2021

Is there a map app that lets you choose your route? ›

Google Maps Route Planner

Google Maps route planner is a popular voice-guided navigation app for route planning and turn-by-turn driving directions. It offers real-time GPS navigation, transit, and traffic information to reach the final destination in time.

Does anyone still use Waze? ›

Google's Waze has roughly 140 million active users. But since Covid the crowdsourced navigation app has become more in use for errand runs and travel than for commuting. It's also become more integrated with other popular driving experience apps, such as Spotify.

Why do people use Waze over Google Maps? ›

Google Maps doesn't aim to give you the shortest route, but rather the fuel-efficient one. Waze's main purpose is to get you from A to B in the shortest time possible. Thanks to the live data used, Waze will suggest switching the original route multiple times during your ride, if that implies saving time.

What is the difference between Google Maps and Maps app? ›

Apple Maps is exclusive to Apple hardware — iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. It's built into all Apple-branded devices, even Macs. It's not available on devices outside the Apple ecosystem. Google Maps is a cross-platform service, made available on Android, iOS, iPadOS, web browsers, and so on.

What is similar to My Maps? ›

Table of Contents
  • Atlist.
  • Mapme.
  • Maptive.
  • Place.Guru.
  • MapHub.
Sep 4, 2022

What is the difference between Google map and Waze? ›

The Main Differences Between Google Maps and Waze

Waze is community-based, Google Maps is more data-based. Waze is pretty much just for cars, Google Maps offers walking, driving, biking, and public transportation directions.

Why is Waze shutting down? ›

Google-owned navigation service Waze is shutting down its six-year-old carpooling service, citing shifting commuting patterns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who uses Waze the most? ›

Top Countries
  • United States. 21.11% 11.48%
  • Brazil. 6.36% 2.27%
  • France. 6.00% 11.09%
  • Israel. 4.77% 18.31%
  • Mexico. 4.57% 19.76%

Is there a better app than Waze? ›

TomTom GO Navigation and Sygic GPS Navigation

On the other hand, both offer must-have navigation capabilities, including offline maps (as a matter of fact, TomTom is one of the top providers of mapping data, as its proprietary maps are being used by several other services).

Why is 360 so special? ›

In mathematics

360 is divisible by the number of its divisors (24), and it is the smallest number divisible by every natural number from 1 to 10, except for 7. Furthermore, one of the divisors of 360 is 72, which is the number of primes below it.

Who uses gradians? ›

The chance of confusion was one reason for the adoption of the term Celsius to replace centigrade as the name of the temperature scale. Gradians are principally used in surveying (especially in Europe), and to a lesser extent in mining and geology.

Why are there 369 degrees in a circle? ›

Why Is A Full Circle 360 Degrees, Instead Of Something More Convenient, Like 100? A full circle is 360 degrees because the Babylonians used the sexagesimal system. It also represents the number of days a year and also because 360 is highly composite.

Are there infinite degrees? ›

In the late 19th century, the German mathematician Georg Cantor showed that there are different degrees of infinity — indeed an infinite number of them — and he brought to prominence several paradoxical results that had a profound impact on the subsequent development of the subject.

How much is 1 degree? ›

One degree of latitude equals approximately 364,000 feet (69 miles), one minute equals 6,068 feet (1.15 miles), and one-second equals 101 feet. One-degree of longitude equals 288,200 feet (54.6 miles), one minute equals 4,800 feet (0.91 mile), and one second equals 80 feet.

Is 360 degrees always north? ›

North is 0 or 360 degrees and south is 180 degrees. East is 90 degrees and west is 270 degrees.

What is a 270 degree angle called? ›

If an angle is greater than 180∘ and less than 360∘, then it is called a reflex angle. Hence, 270∘ is a reflex angle.

What is angel in maths? ›

Angle Definition in Maths

What is an angle? In Plane Geometry, a figure which is formed by two rays or lines that shares a common endpoint is called an angle.

What is a 180 degree angle called? ›

Angles that are 180 degrees (θ = 180°) are known as straight angles. • Angles between 180 and 360 degrees (180°< θ < 360°) are called reflex angles.

Who has the most accurate driving directions? ›

The 10 Best Driving Route Planners of 2020
  • Badger Maps - Best for field sales reps and teams.
  • Google Maps - Best for road trips.
  • Waze - Best for daily commuting.
  • MapQuest - Best for simple routes.
  • Roadtrippers - Best for road trips.
  • My Route Online - Best for logistics and trucking.

What happened with MapQuest? ›

MapQuest is an American web mapping service and was the first route-finding service to be launched online in 1996. Despite the first-mover advantage and the acquisition by market leader AOL, MapQuest was sold off for an undisclosed sum in 2007.

Are Triptiks free? ›

TripTik® Travel Planner

When you create a free TripTik® online you get detailed driving instructions to map and plan your route.

Does Waze detect police? ›

But there is more. The app also uses a small icon of a tiny face in a police hat to warn users if police are nearby, either in speed traps or parked on the side the road. It obtains that information when other users who are driving further up the road input data into the system.

Is Google Maps or MapQuest more accurate? ›

Most users report that MapQuest also has weaker pathfinding capabilities than Google Maps when it comes to directions, but it does offer interesting features that some users may appreciate, like one-click navigation to nearby points of interest, gas price estimate for your route, and local temperature readouts.

Is MapQuest no longer available? ›

Remember MapQuest? It's got a set of new mobile apps with clever, handy features that set it apart from other mapping and navigation apps out there.

Is Waze completely free? ›

Waze is free of charge to download and use for everyone, but phone and carrier data rates continue to apply.

Should I use Waze or Google Maps? ›

Google Maps and Waze alike both let you report traffic hazards that you come across. However, Waze is better for displaying traffic cameras or speed traps. Of course, even Apple Maps now displays some road hazards for iPhone users, and it's far from the best navigation app.

What is the best free navigation app for iPhone? ›

Google Maps – Best global GPS app

Google Maps offers a highly accurate points-of-interest database and map. Besides, with real-time traffic data and rerouting automation, you may quickly reach your destination and avoid traffic jams.

Is Google Maps navigation free? ›

Google Maps is a free of cost and extremely easy to use software that you can use to find your location on map using GPS, instantly search a destination and the routes leading to it, or just to survey an area.

What are the disadvantages of Waze? ›

Traffic information is not always available

Therefore, the quality and accuracy of Waze depends on how many users are around you. So if you are in a sparsely populated area, it is likely that Waze navigation will perform poorly due to the small amount of traffic information.

What app shows where cops are? ›

Even if you know the way, Waze tells you instantly about traffic, construction, police, crashes, & more. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time. Why Waze? Be prepared, drive with Waze.

What GPS works without internet? ›

Can I use GPS without an Internet connection? Yes. On Android and iPhone devices, the google maps app can locate and follow you wherever you are without the internet or without data. The GPS on your smartphone is able to do both things at the same time.

Can I use my iPhone as a GPS without cell service? ›

Does iPhone GPS work without data? Yes, the GPS receiver in iPhones remains active even if no data is available. But you might want to consider getting an app built specifically for offline GPS navigation as Apple Maps provides limited offline support. Will my phone receive GPS signals in other countries?

Why is Google Maps no longer free? ›

Google Maps is not free anymore, and all the maps will now receive a message that is “For development purposes only.” After the changes, you have to pay for every single view on your map from now on. Starting from July 2018, Google Maps, Routes, and Places require billing information, such as an associated credit card.

Does it cost money to use Google Maps in your app? ›

All Maps Embed API requests are available at no charge with unlimited usage.


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