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  • issued propertymeans all government property issued in connection with the Contract.

  • eligible assetsmeans any property or property used or useful in a Permitted Business (including the common shares of a person who is a Restricted Subsidiary and the common shares of a person whose principal business is a Permitted Corporation that becomes a Restricted Subsidiary immediately after the acquisition of such common shares by the Issuer or by a restricted subsidiary, but excluding all other securities).

  • Exempt PropertyMeans (i) all indemnity payments (including, without limitation, payments under Section 7 of the Participation Agreement, payments under the Tax Exemption Agreement, and payments under Section [5.04 of the Agreement between Creditors]), to which the Owner-Participant, the Owner-Trustee in their individual capacity or each of their respective successors, authorized assigns, directors, officers, employees, servants and agents is entitled under the Operating Agreements, (ii) any right, title or interest of the Owner Trustee in its individual capacity or of the Owner's Interested Party in any payment payable under the terms of Section 17 of the Lease or any equivalent payment under Section 3.3 of the Lease to or on behalf of the Owner Trustee individually or to Holders-Participants, (iii) all Ve insurance proceeds payable under any insurance or held by the Owner Trustee in its individual capacity or the Owner's Interested Party pursuant to Section 12.5 of the Lease, (iv) all insurance proceeds made for or on behalf of the Owner Trustee in its individual capacity or payable to the Party Owner's Interest under any commercial liability insurance maintained by Renter pursuant to Section 12 of the Lease (including the amount of any self-insured deductible paid by Renter) or any other person, (v) transaction costs or any other amount or expense incurred paid or payable to or for the benefit of the Owner's Trustee, in its sole capacity or the Owner's Interested Party pursuant to the Title Deed or the Trust Deed, (vi) all right, title and interest in the Interested Party of the Owner or the Trustee Owner in their capacity d individual in or in connection with any part of the Units and any other property (tangible or intangible), right, title or interest to the extent any of the foregoing has been released from the lien of the Contract in accordance with the terms of the Contract , (vii) upon termination of the contract in accordance with the terms of the contract with respect to each unit, any remaining amount paid or payable by the lessee calculated on the basis of the value of the loss determined, (viii) all the rights of the holder of the capital stock or the owner trustee in its sole capacity to demand, collect, collect, xxx or otherwise receive and enforce payment of any of the foregoing amounts, (ix) any amounts payable by an assignee to the Interested Party Owner as the purchase price of the Interested Holder's participation in the Trust of the participation contract and the trust contract and (x) the respective rights s of the Owner-Trustee in its individual capacity or of the Owner-Participant to the income and interest from the foregoing.

  • Foreclosed Propertymeans collectively: (i) Vehicles; (ii) Excluded Equity; (iii) any permit or license or contractual obligation entered into by a Grantor (A) that prohibits, terminates or permits the termination of such permit, license or contractual obligation by any person other than the Borrower and its Affiliates or its consent is required of a person other than Borrower and its Affiliates as a condition of such grantor's creation of a lien in any right, title, or interest in such permit, license, or contractual obligation, or any share or share equivalent thereof, or (B) to the extent that any applicable legal requirement prohibits the creation of a lien thereon, but only in connection with the prohibition in (A) and (B) to the extent and for the duration of such prohibition, provision of termination or consent requirement shall be failure to terminate or impassable made enforceable or otherwise held invalid by UCC or any other legal requirement, or failure to obtain required consent (and immediately upon expiration, termination, unenforceability, or ineffectiveness of any such prohibition, termination provision, or any consent requirement or issuance of any such necessary consent, the Warranty contains all permissions, licenses, contractual obligations, or, and is considers that the Grantors have automatically granted a security interest in such shares or share equivalents are no longer subject to such prohibition or termination provision or required consent); (iv) Fixed or capital assets owned by a grantor subject to a purchase lien or capital lease permitted under the loan agreement when the contractual obligation pursuant to which such lien is granted (or in the document establishing such lease capital), prohibits or requires the consent of any person other than Borrower and its Affiliates (whose consent has not been obtained) as a condition of the creation of any other lien on such Equipment; (v) any "intended" trademark application for which a statement of use has not been filed and accepted by the relevant intellectual property office (but only until such statement is filed and accepted); and (vi) all the Assets to the extent and while the requirements of Clause 7.10 of the Loan Agreement are not applicable to them by virtue of clause (iii) of the last paragraph of this Clause; provided that the “Excluded Property” does not include earnings, products, substitutions, or replacements of the Excluded Property (unless such earnings, products, substitutions, or substitutions constitute Excluded Property).

  • Exempt Propertymeans tangible personal property acquired in whole or in part with federal funds in which the federal register has the legal authority to transfer ownership to the recipient without further obligation to the federal government. An example of an exempt property right is included in the Federal Grants and Cooperative Agreements Act (31 U.S.C. 6306) for property acquired as part of an award to conduct basic or applied research from a nonprofit university or organization. non profit. a for-profit organization whose primary purpose is to conduct scientific research.

  • Eligible Asset-Related Claimsmeans all other assets that are customarily transferred or for which a security interest is customarily granted in connection with asset securitization transactions involving claims that are claim-like and any collections or proceeds from any of the foregoing.

  • abandoned propertymeans a submerged aircraft; a submerged vessel, including ships, boats, canoes, skiffs, rafts, or barges; the rigging, equipment, fittings, accessories and equipment of a submerged aircraft or vessel; the personal property of the officers, crew and passengers of a submerged aircraft or vessel; cargo from a submerged aircraft or vessel that has been abandoned, abandoned, discarded, or abandoned and attempts to recover it have been abandoned by the owners and insurers; and submerged materials resulting from prehistoric and historic Native American activities.

  • new propertymeans (i) the estimated value, after the

  • Propertymeans any interest in any property or asset of any kind, whether real, personal or mixed, or tangible or intangible.

  • Affected Propertymeans all property at the Site and any other property where EPA determines at any time that access or land, water, or other resource use restrictions and/or institutional controls are necessary to complete the removal action, including, without limitation others, the following Properties [insert property descriptions].

  • Qualified Propertyhas the meaning set forth in Section 313.021(2) of the TEXAS TAX CODE and shall be construed in accordance with the Rules of the Texas Attorney General and Comptroller, as such provisions existed as of the Claims Review Commencement Date.

  • Assets related to accounts receivablemeans: (1) all rights arising out of or related to the Documentation governing any Claim (including rights with respect to liens securing such Claims and other credit enhancements with respect to such Claims); (2) all proceeds from such claims and safe deposit boxes or accounts in which such proceeds are deposited; (3) distribution accounts and other similar accounts (and the funds deposited therein) established in connection with a qualified claim transaction; (4) warranties, indemnity, dilution and other intercompany claims arising out of the claim documents; and (5) other assets that are customarily transferred or for which security rights are customarily granted in connection with securitization transactions.

  • eligible mortgagemeans (a) a purchase money mortgage on such principal property before, at the same time as, or within 180 days after (1) the acquisition or completion of any construction or the completion of any substantial remodeling, renovation, remodeling, extension, or improvement (each a “substantial improvement”) of said principal property or (2) the commissioning of said property after the acquisition or completion of said construction or said substantial improvement; (b) Mortgages on a principal property existing at the time of acquisition, including acquisition by merger or consolidation; (c) existing mortgages on the date of the initial issue of the Bonds, mortgages on the assets of a corporation or other business entity existing on the date it becomes a limited subsidiary or is merged or consolidated with the Company or a subsidiary limited; or if the Company or other business entity sells, leases or otherwise disposes of all or a substantial part of its property to the Company or a restricted subsidiary or pledges over the assets of a subsidiary newly designated as a restricted subsidiary if the mortgage is liquidated in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph would have been permitted if said mortgage had been created while the Subsidiary was a restricted subsidiary; (d) mortgages in favor of the Company or a limited subsidiary; (e) mortgages for government taxes, assessments or liens or liens that are not due or are contested in good faith; (f) the mortgages of carriers, warehousemen, material workers, mechanics, mechanics, landlords and other similar mortgages originated in the ordinary course of business and that are not in arrears or remain payable without penalty or that are challenged in good faith; (g) Mortgages (other than mortgages imposed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) consisting of pledges or deposits required in the normal course of business in connection with workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, and other social security laws; (h) easements, rights of way, restrictions, encroachments, blemishes, and other similar encumbrances that affect real estate that, taken as a whole, are not material and in no case materially affect the value of the main property or result in or materially affect the the ordinary course of business of the Company and its subsidiaries as a whole prevent; (i) Mortgages arising from the deposit or provision of any form of security to any government agency or body created or authorized by law or government regulation, including any zoning or similar law or right reserved or vested in the government agency or agency that controls o regulates the use of real estate; (j) mortgages resulting from the filing of Uniform Commercial Code financing statements relating solely to leases; and (k) mortgages that guarantee the debt contracted to extend, renew, refinance or replace any debt guaranteed by any of the foregoing mortgages, provided that the principal amount of the debt extended, renewed, refinanced or replaced is equal to the principal of the debt not be extended, renewed, refinanced or replaced, plus transaction costs and fees, and that such mortgage will only apply to the same property or assets, subject to the previously approved mortgage (and in the case of property, improvements).

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