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Training in public speaking is no question of external factors.It does not trust the best or according to the standards of society.Speaking in public is about people himself. It is about the message that he speaks that it must be worthy of.Less that there is something in the inside, no advice or training knits can improve the submission of a speech.Therefore, the training in public must begin with the development and research of self -development.Rules regarding the culture of voice, intonation and gesture have meaning, unless you have something to say that it has the power to inspire, influence and combine people.At the end of the day, nobody can learn to speak in change, you have to, you have to jump through experience. Then we have to be trained in self -knowledge and we have the ability to judge according to the standards that we believed aboutSpirit and a warm heart that is primary and primary;"Because unless it is a full being that uses the methods, it is as if you are putting on a wood image with the clothes of a man."

Chapter 1:


Many students in the public language constantly ask: "How can I overcome self -confidence and fear that paralyzes me in front of an audience?"Fear and fear?It's because of the practice!

Being a picturesque fear is a fear that is known to many popular public speakers, and some teachers of teachers have never completed them because it was very nervous.In the same way as the British statesman William Gladstone and the American cleric Henry Ward Beecher often became nervous before the speeches.

The first step to dominate art preparation or previous knowledge on this topic.If he makes this mistake, he will undoubtedly be aware of, he has to be ashamed of stealing the time of his audience in change, getting ready to know what they are talking about and how they will say.

After you have prepared for success, wait.If you prepare for success, success will come.Of course, this does not mean that you should be too safe.Instead of being gentle and shrinked, a strong and lively humility that opens for a greater performance.In change, they consider themselves someone with infinite skills that can master through practicing.Then, although he feels that he is drowning at the beginning, he continues and soon they will swim slightly.

Episode 2:

The sin of the monotony

Imagine saying about the spokesman who gives your speech when you sound at the same volume and at the same tone and the same focus, the same speed and the same thoughts.

Not only the monotony is fatal, but also shows our limits.If a speaker uses only a few of his strength, he points out that the rest of his forces do not develop.The monotony?The first step to give a dynamic speech is the focus.Let's take a look at the following sentence: "Fate is not a question of the chance. It is a matter of choice."Of course, fate will emphasize because it is the problem of prayer.One of the two big ideas in the statement and you want to emphasize your contrast to the election in the next sentence.

However, if you remember that emphasizing a word does not mean that it just speaks more."Crying is not a sign of seriousness, intelligence or feeling."Sure, emphatic words can be spoken more, but you can also speak quieter.However.The desired real quality is the intensity that comes from the inside.Therefore, it is the first technique that creates a change and emphasizes its central message.Then you want a large measure to establish the diversity.Fact, Mr. Howard Lindsay, stage manager of actress Miss Margaret Anglin, once said that a change in rhythms of one of the most effective tools for the actor are breaks for a dramatic effect.

You can consider a break before you deliver an important word or an important phrase or go through the least important material in your language before reducing the speed to say the parts of the critical key.At the end of the day, it is important to remember that you should make you should not get your movement too quickly.This is a common mistake for many speakers from the fans.Instead, take the time, add variety and use the focus to commit mortal sin monotonous.

Chapter 3:

The importance of exciting emotions

Imagine two people who give a speech about the same child labor.Imagine the first person who is talking is a white policy.Who is more likely to listen to the speech?

The mother did not have the technique of speaking, but she had something bigger, more effective than reason: to feel the best speeches in the world, are accused of emotional strength.This is because the feelings lead us through life.They are reason, why we put them in soft beds, we sit near the fireplace in cold days, eat cherry cake and even drink lemonade on a scoring day.We do not do these things for logic and reason, but because they feel good.Feelings dictate what we will eat and become and will eat and will in general act.

So how can you ensure this defense or the case that speaks out.You have to enter so deeply that you go, he captivates them and has them completely.For example, Emerson once explained that no painter could draw a tree without becoming a tree or drawing a child who simply studies face and contours;Instead, a painter must observe the child and his movements in the same way as he would enter nature to draw the tree.

This is clearly easier to say it.So what exactly does that mean?Your listeners.

Chapter 4:

The meaning of the gesture

Imagine the tree in your front courtyard.The one who does not grow as you want to nail some branches in the tree with the hope that something will grow from them.

Think about it."The spokesman, whose thoughts and emotions sprout in him, like a mountain spring, he won't have many problems to make gestures, they will come from the inside. They will come as natural impulse. On the other hand, they will come. On the other hand, they will come. Those who simply move the movements become a simulation similar to the tree in which they have nailed in its branches. "If you see the same speech twice, you will find that your gestures are different every time.This is because their gestures are based exclusively on their emotion, their mood and impulse.Although gestures certainly come from the spontaneous emotions they feel, it does not mean that they cannot practice them.

In order to avoid a gesture during his speech, he begins to practice descriptive, suggestive and typical movements until they are as natural as a good joint.He can also try to be seen in a mirror, to observe which movements are uncomfortable and practice until their gesture change becomes organic and natural.While we are on the subject, we talk about what movements you should avoid.Make .Too extreme and also include too many river movements.

Next you should avoid too much gesture.When we go through a great crisis in life, we rarely check it with a lot of what you start to regret your pain.In change, you will probably feel quiet and young in a quiet silence until the shock disappears.In the same way, too much gesture appear selfless and distracted when I give a speech.So I do everything to avoid unnecessary gestures.

You should also pay attention to violence, balance, flexibility and grace of your body.These are the basics of a good gesture.Yoga or sports.The aim is to achieve grace and balance in your head!Finally, take into account that your position and expression match the character of your language.

Chapter 5:

A good voice comes from good health

A critic of London Times once said that spectacle is a language work of nine tenths and the same could speak in public.Words, his voice is important and has the power to move his audience.Gladstone himself once said: "Ninety men in every hundred in professions full of people are probably never overcome because the training of the voice is completely careless and regarded as unimportant." Fix it.

Of course there are ways to work in your voice.The secret of a good voice is relaxation and relaxation is the basis for the ease: our first basic requirement for a good voice.It proves this.Contract muscles from the face and neck as they do with hatred, and take "I hate you!"Now relax when you think of gentle and tender thoughts and say: "I love you."What else does your voice sound?Exercises, it is never important to force your tones.Your voice has to alleviate, after all, it is a sensitive instrument that needs to be treated carefully.

So how can you practice relaxation and lightness?Try this exercise: keep your arm directly from your shoulder.The head falls forward.In the upper part of his body, with his waist reacting like a pivot.The gravity throws him while her body moves.

Then practice practicing.

Then let's discuss how you can carry your voice forward.Know whether you place your tonon forward or inhale a deep breath and sing ah with an open mouth directly over the front teeth.It is a little feeling, but while you practice, you will feel the feeling that your voice will hit the roof of your mouth.The words, the shock, the turn of the race and the sums.Can you feel the tone of priority against your hand?Practice until you can!

After all, they have to develop the charging force of their voice.If you speak to a large audience, it is not always necessary to speak more so that people in the back can hear them.In change, it is about moving your voice forward.The basis of this practice is his breath, which comes from good health.A successful spokesman once developed his power in the voice to run all over the country and practice his speeches as he advanced.This exercise forced him to breathe deeply and develop his lungs!

You can practice by putting your hands in the waist.It has deep and annoys and focuses on the activity of your breathing in the middle of your body.Don't lift your shoulders.The back of the back and forces them during the inhalation.

Chapter 6:

Transform your audience into a lot

When it comes to the crowd, they have great power.If everyone can have their own interest and their special needs, there is power in a common idea that combines them: patriotism, hate, a common fear are popular topics that will combine their individuals.See, the crowds are more susceptible to emotions, they want to feel something, but it can also combine the members because they organize them.

If you organize your audience as an audience, you can successfully create a mafia mentality.You know the power of the mafia, as John Ruskin said: "You can convince a mafia of anything ... Thinking part, you start an opinion like a cold ..." This means that you more like your audience ifYou can organize yourself as an audience and easily catch the opinions of others.The story shows us the power of the spirit of the audience.Piece in the hunting of witches in Salem, Massachusetts.People were so influenced by the mafia mentality of their citizens that people hurried to accuse the witches without evidence or merit.

Today the crowd is a force that we can take into account and we have to learn to use it to our advantage.How can you make your audience in a lot?Simply combine the mind and the needs of the audience and raise their feelings.His feelings, not their reasons, they have to be played.The spirit of the crowd cannot be created if you do not attract the feelings of the crowd first.If you are not yet convinced of the power of the crowd, we take a look at the power of applause.

The applause in itself helps to combine an audience.For example, a large number of people in New York looked at a mobile image and applauded several songs.Suddenly, a simple display on the screen, some started applause and the crowd.As the sheep imitates blindly.We still see this in concerts or cinemas today.When a person in the crowd begins to welcome while silence, the rest of the crowd will probably follow.

At the end of the day, it is difficult to turn on the enthusiasm when the audience is distributed by a large seat with empty benches that separate the speaker from their listeners.The audience feels compact and will find that their message has the power of spreading like infection.

Chapter 7:

The basis of his speech is based on the strength of his arguments.

No matter how much practice and conviction you put in your speech, it will fail every time if you could use the arguments that many could use against you.Before that, we can become a successful argument, we have to think about how we can do two things: develop a discussion and then put it down.In other words, you must be able to examine the stability of the stability structure of your argument so that it can be supportive and healthy.However, it is also important to recognize defects in their argument so that they can tear down the weakest of those who argue against them.

According to the author, each argument contains four parts: the question, evidence, argument and conclusions.If you want to make sure that your argument is strong, you need to prove your argument by analyzing these four parts.For the question in the discussion, first you want: "Is the argument clearly explained?"This means that all terms mean in the statement for every dispute.For example, the meaning of the term "gentleman" may not be agreed.Your argument is fairly established.Does it include too much or very little?Does the wording contain a kind of trap?

For the evidence of the argument, you must first ask about the authorities and experts mentioned as evidence.Is the authority well recognized?What is it as an authority?What makes it an expert for the topic?Are your strange and clear opinions?Make sure that the sources mentioned are reliable and without prejudices.Are you confirmed or controversial?

Next let's take a look at the argument of your argument.First ask yourself whether the fact that you have presented only accepts opinions as facts?Think of all the options for how the facts you have presented could be used against you.Finally, take a look at conclusions.Were you too guilty to explain a conclusion that doesn't follow?This is also known?as not -secret.And all your evidence harmonize with each other?

Remember you don't just want to prepare for presenting your own argument.It must also be prepared for all possibilities how others can tear down.

Chapter 8:

The importance of using their imagination

The creation of a convincing argument is the basis for providing a productive discourse.However, if you simply give a speech full of numbers and statistics, you will get your audience safely to sleep.In a change, you have to use the power of imagination.What exactly is the imagination?According to the author, the imagination is the faculty or the process of forming mental images.Then how can you make your audience a mental picture?

The first step to take advantage of the power of imagination is to learn the use of the figurative language.Suppose you argue that alcoholism is number one to destroy the life of families.Sure, it could stand in front of your audience and list a lot of numbers and statistics to demonstrate your point of view, but how well it would shout his wife and hit his children.They were interested in the rest of their speech.

Next they do it.Imagine the mood and attitude towards the event and the topic of your language.So introduce yourself to the language and work on until real comparisons come to mind.

After all, they want to imagine language delivery.Successful and convincing."In general, it dominates her pictures, not those who do not dominate."

Chapter 9:

Completion summary

In order to become a teacher who speaks in public, he has to be ready to do three things: practice, practice, practice.In a few words, practice is the only way to overcome his fear of speaking in public and becomes the best.Of course, of course, Carnegie presented the many tips and techniques he needs to help him.First, he will want to avoid monotony to give his speech.Then he awakens emotions from his audience and lets his gestures flow out of his heart.Practice your gesture and the projection of your voice through the many exercises that Carnegie has provided.All mistakes test their arguments and use pictures to transmit a convincing and constructive message.

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