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Spiders are examples of heights and phobias of speaking to the public.skyscrapers.

In this summary, talent is to talk about the community, a topic of practice.At first it will probably be annoying, but it is the only way to go through the disorders.

After the rest of this restlessly surpassed it, it will be a relative breeze, so it is a pleasant and amazing effort to specialize in specialized art.Of course, there are many applications that can occur a great language, but the full lecture depends on depends on a sincere meaning and belief in the topic you offer.In this summary, you will receive a number of practical information that will overshadow your intimacy and faith - from overcoming the stage fear to the public organization.

Try audible and get two free audio booksThe art of speaking in the public of Dale Carnegie [book summary - review] |Good book summary [updated daily] (1)

The art of speaking in the public of Dale Carnegie [book summary - review] |Good book summary [updated daily] (2)

Chapter 1 - Being a talented speaker is a topic of practice and the fear of stages can be reduced.

How did you find to swim for the first time?Were you in the library, read a manual about the art of swimming and then flooding hard information -Can you freeze your swim equipment and dive into the next body of water?

Probably not.Whatever you remember or not, they found that they swim.Before you have at home in a pool at home, you probably had a lot of strange mixes and therefore will water your nose.

Why are you at your entry into the water kingdom?Specializing in the art of talking to the community likes to find out how to swim.Speech is the right way to turn into a talented speaker.And that means famous jump tips.

First of all, they will probably be worried when they are in front of a viewer, but it's not sad.Many great speakers, such as British statesman William Gladstone to Henry Ward's American spiritual Beecher, never acted off stage.

But speaking is not a fearless topic;It is about mastering your fear.There are three ways to do it and are;

The first is to eliminate the feeling of self -confidence, being able to address the topic of your speech.The viewer perceives them.

The art of speaking in the public of Dale Carnegie [book summary - review] |Good book summary [updated daily] (3)

It is a paradise to say something.The reason for the failure of some speakers is to take the stage without being prepared.Once you open your mouth and attack your concerns, you suspect that you avoid this, the book's author recommends that you at least memorize the first clauses of your speech.

Then we hope after we prepare for success.The wait for success does not mean that you have to trust and complain.Unlike development, they must set their fears aside, which are confused and ready to succeed.

Your first conversations may seem like a kind of drowning - but you should continue to practice and will soon appear very easily.

Chapter 2 - Focus is used to overcome monotony.

Remember that you are a pianist.Wherever you play your melodies or other songs, you have many comments for music.There is no precise rule.

The same applies to talk before the community.There is no end for the paths to speak successfully, but first you must be a master in the topic of your speech base.

Monotony is an opponent for an interview as in music.I think you make a test negotiation to perform bach concert on a piano with a button.Determination or creativity can prevent your monotonous performance as enabled as death.So what do you think you think about how you can prevent monotony?In general, you need to equip your speech instrument with several new notes.

The focus is on the first switch of dynamic language.The focus is on a comparison topic and showing the central opinion of your speech and the emphasis of important words is a fundamental way of doing this.

For example, it is not a lucky situation to think of the next clauses: “Destiny is not a situation of happiness.It's a problem of choice. "What was the most obvious way to say these statements?

Instead of emphasizing all vocals equally, the word "destination" is emphasized, as this is the topic of the first sentence.Consequently, the word must be emphasized to emphasize denial."Selection" compared the main word in the next sentence.

The art of speaking in the public of Dale Carnegie [book summary - review] |Good book summary [updated daily] (4)

Therefore, you do not need to emphasize a word by saying this accordingly, so that means;If you speak loudly, for example, you can whisper the notable word or when you speak of a resonant tenor sound, you can roar with a deep low sound.

The first of all techniques is to change your conversation to emphasize the main opinion of a conversation.And the rest of them is given;Change your speed and pause.

In the daily language, when people talk about exciting situations, they talk faster, but when they convey with immediate messages, they usually talk more slowly.They also prefer intervals to influence people dramatically.

For this reason, you can wish a break immediately before or directly after, an important vocal or a sentence.Or you may prefer to say the first and least important part of a sentence, and later the most important part of the word can slowly say.

You can see some buttons on your instrument.You must decide how you would with you.

Chapter 3 - The basic point of talking in front of the community is the talent of waking up in its audience.

Remember that two speakers who deliver all slavery speak in America's proclamation before emerration.In public and also a woman who follows her son from the mouth.

What do you think about which conversation would be most exciting?

The jury is not there.Many of the bravest who speak in American history were made only by these women - black mothers who enslaved the inhumanity of slavery.This woman had no formal training about speaking before the community.The things that belonged to them were neither offered by work nor the application for application.Property was the power of feelings.

What our lives have achieved for us are our senses.In your opinion, what is the reason to sleep in soft beds or drink fresh drinks on the hot day?There is no reason to take this kind of judgment with logic.These things simply feel right and good.

Anxious speakers need to believe and take this truth in all heart.The awakening of the senses of its audience makes more than earning hours of work -prime and rational argument.

This reality is caused by a small advertising test by a New York Watchmaker.More than an advertising campaign began.The durability of design functionality.In the other, as described in the campaign slogan, the paths of pleasure and pride describe, "A clock that can be proud."

It is not surprising that the second campaign runs better than the first and double watch.

The art of speaking in the public of Dale Carnegie [book summary - review] |Good book summary [updated daily] (5)

How can your speech be transmitted with emotions?

We will not tell a lie on the subject: work is necessary.

Suppose you are an actor and talk to your character.What is always the reason you are discussing or in the situation you do, you must be in a certain average. It is like a soul.

Many actors prohibit others to talk to them hours before performance so they can make a test version in parallel.They can become their agents to ensure that they give their audience interested and feel.

Chapter 4 - You can discover gestures, but they are inspired by real emotions.

What do you think of this tree?The apple tree, the atrophied, leaves and leaves with granquiners, is in his garden.You know?The solution is there.You can run to the garage, pick up your chainsaw, aspiring chains to aspirants to your neighbor Oak see, pull them to the inner courtyard and place them wonderfully into the body of the tree!

Ah, if he had just surpassed things by making gardens.

You do not need to have a green thumb to know that the appearance of a tree depends on the domestic supply, but the spread of this fact in the art of gesture requires imagination.

If you make a speech, your movements and gestures should come from the real emotions you experience while occupying the topic of your speech.The theater will seem as silly as the branches affected by oak branches that are preached in an apple tree.

The gesture should therefore occur with the spontaneous growth of real emotions, but does not mean that it cannot practice.

You can no longer prepare all steps to accompany your conversation.Effective gesture must be organically and properly for the situation that appears spontaneously in all lectures.That the movement changes with each speech.

The art of speaking in the public of Dale Carnegie [book summary - review] |Good book summary [updated daily] (6)

However, spontaneity offers no quality.In action, organic movements are usually strange.Get ready for each conversation by observing yourself in the mirror to make your movements effectively.

The gestures are like pronunciation.If you practice, but you will have to think, practice, practice, practice and your movements become unemployed and innate and seem spontaneous at the right time.

Also, you should not forget that much movement removes the speakers of your message, you should do your best to destroy integer unnecessary movements.

You must also ensure that your movements support your message.It would be strange to say, "Here he is" meanwhile points to the bottom of a gentleman who had fled after a second break.

And don't forget that the expression and attitude of facials were a kind of gesture.You need to make sure your attitude and expression support your soul speaking!

After implementation, you can trust your common sense.Leave the topic of the conversation your guide and your signal will be as strong as your singing.

Chapter 5 - Well, health is required for good sound.

Think that basketball players have something in common with speakers in front of a community?Of course, people in both groups should feel comfortable in front of the crowd, but there is something else and other things;The cardiovascular conditions of both groups should be good!

Regardless of whether you perform after accurate results or perform a test version to make your voice clear on a large podium, which helps is a single strong double lung.

Good lungs are essential for a strong and resonant sound.The writer also met a successful speaker who practiced her while she was running, so she forced her to breathe deeply and improve her pulmonary power.

But what is not a sports guy?There is a basic exercise that helps the lungs and helps breathe with the help of your diaphragm, and exercise shows the best way to get most of the air.

Get your hands on your waist.Now try to touch the fingers of one hand on the fingers of others, as long as your hands remain in place and press all the air into your lungs. Without lifting your shoulders, get the process.

However, pulmonary capacity is not the only criterion for a strong voice.The other thing that is so important is relaxation.Exercises that you learn to deal with useless nervousness.

The art of speaking in the public of Dale Carnegie [book summary - review] |Good book summary [updated daily] (7)

While your waist acts as once, you move the upper body in horizontal circles.Leave your head forward and let out your neck, because it makes the neck open and relax.

You must pretend to stretch to improve your neck.You will see that your neck, of course, opens as it opens to speak instead of yawning.The richness of sound can be improved.

The power of local wear can not only be preserved with the sound level;It is also a placement problem.For example, make your sound correctly, as well as you can make the value of the whisper heard to everyone.

Bringing a way is the way to make it.

Try holding your hand in front of your face and saying vocable as "crash", "dash", "rush" and "buzz".Go to feel the shades that have shot your hand.

Chapter 6 - If you want to increase the effects of your lecture, your listeners should be organized.

Oh, fresh air!GRELING CHILRANDO!Night sky full of stars!You make a camp and it's all you need to fry some dogs -Hey.The following closed species.

If you are aware of camp, you have recognized a critical mistake in this shooting choreography.Edit the money is wrong.If you want to get a satisfactory fire, the sticks should be placed on a pile and, thanks to the order of the lot, the flame may be from one to be transferred to another.

If a speaker corresponds, the effect of your speech is flame.

If we leave metaphors aside for a moment, we can find out why the position of public members can increase the effects of their conversation.

Mass can turn it into a crowd when the mass is organized to be summed up into a dense mass.It was, tends to "think through infection".In other words, if they can turn your audience into a crowd, your idea takes the flu. "

The art of speaking in the public of Dale Carnegie [book summary - review] |Good book summary [updated daily] (8)

In addition to this initial strategy for building multitudes, you can combine individual audiences combining common concerns.Subject to your needs and fears, desires and emotions.Very.

But maybe you suspect that the crowds are susceptible to this mental transmission?You've been to a concert and had this experience - the song ends, someone clap and then everyone is silent in a second stage of silence, even if only a break between the actions were?


Or when we remove an article from the History Book, we will see: Many autocratic states, such as Soviets, recognized the power of the multitude mindset and banned public members to gather in public places.

What was the reason?The reason was the fear of infection.

These governments were concerned about the fact that anti -autority thinking captured and spread as a disease.

If you develop talent for creating crowds, your community message will spread to reinforce our metaphor.

Chapter 7 - To enrich your authority to discuss, you must test your arguments.

Since there was a king who wanted to rule the world.And he had an amazing ability: he was able to build impregnable castles, but this king also had a fatal mistake: he could not overthrow the fortifications of enemies.

If you cannot refute any arguments that can be used against you, you will not lead anywhere.

If you want to be an effective speaker, you must have the talent for generating and interrupting an argument.Operation or later, every speaker will see that his opinion suggests the difficulties.

The writer explains how to configure the arguments and be destroyed interesting.

Each discussion consists of four sections: the question, evidence, semesis and conclusions.Next, you will see eight questions that help you test a discussion - two for each episode.

First of all, you should define if the question is clearly given to the question discussed in the debate.This requires all specific lock words to mean the same for all problems.If a competitor uses singing as a "gentleman".In the secondary, ask if this event is quite expressed.There is little knowledge or the writing of the argument may contain a trap.

First ask for proof of the argument, which experts are cited first.You neutral?What do you make you?Are your opinions open, reliable and impartial?Secondly, ask what facts are mentioned.Do you have enough?Others?Are they approved or controversial?

The art of speaking in the public of Dale Carnegie [book summary - review] |Good book summary [updated daily] (9)

For reasons for the argument, you should first ask if the facts presented support a different result from the proposed.Secondly, you should wonder if all opposite variables are independent.

There are two useful questions about the results: First of all, they are guilty of non -variations, do they offer a controversial result that does not follow the race?Second, are all your evidence compatible?

If you don't forget, just ensure that your arguments are not resistant to these questions.Take them to the arguments of their opponents.That way you will be a double threat: as invincible as our king in your castle, but with an enriching influence alone.

Chapter 8 - You must use your imagination for the advantages of speaking of the public.

It is the basic argument on which all convincing speeches are built.However, if you speak it is just a well -processed chain of logical connections, it will be lifeless and life.It will certainly be solid - but who would like to hear?

Therefore, the advantage of imagination should be used before the podium of speaking to the public approaches.

The use of figurative language is the first way to do this.

Let's assume that alcoholism is the destroyer of happy houses.Now you can be in front of your listeners, explain your thesis and then list a long, boring list of statistics that support it.Long and boring lists can work if you talk to many data analysts with people dealing with the truth, but let's be honest: this makes most people sleepy.

The art of speaking in the public of Dale Carnegie [book summary - review] |Good book summary [updated daily] (10)

A better choice is to light up your audience's imagination with a story.

Create the story of a drunk person who returns from his slag over the weekend, calls his wife and hits his children.This story will not only make your audience attract your attention.Do not make boring numbers and generalizations.

Using your imagination is the next way to display the conversation you want to lead.

In other words, before making a speech, you must create mental images about how to talk.These images must "show" their listeners.Think of reactions more and less the amount you will talk to.When you think, they both reduce fear and prepare it for possible setbacks.

Talk to your audience now in front of your mental eyes.Sire what you say, how you can say, and what actions you can use.

The backbone of the poem are photos.What many community gates have forgotten is also their type of poet.

The Art of Dale Carnegie Review Public Discourse

There is the only way to be an effective speaker: practice, practice, practice.However, there are methods with which you are successful.Leave your movements of an intimate sense of intimate sense to avoid monotony, effectively using focus, turning your viewer a lot and improving your voice joining your cardiovascular health.Therefore, compare your needs and the demands of your competitors and you should use the photos to be ready and your support for speech financially.

Improve your synonym dictionary.

If you have a great synonym dictionary, your conversation will be much more effective.A strong voice command is the only way to communicate opinions.If you want to expand your vocabulary, you should apply a new viable.Get a copy of the articles or Wordsworth from Montaigne Poem, you can write down some foreign words.And later - this is the important part - insert it into your next conversation.

Try audible and get two free audio booksThe art of speaking in the public of Dale Carnegie [book summary - review] |Good book summary [updated daily] (11)

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