Use shocking in a sentence. (2023)


  • Your touch was likeshockingherself, and she jumped.



  • For a moment she hadshockingRealizing that the situation was out of control.



  • floating inshockingcoolly she oriented herself in the darkness.



  • With his hands in front of his face, he began to cry,shockingus.



  • Before he could answer, the night phone rang, it wasshockingRing that pierces the stillness of dawn.




  • When the body was shown to the people the next day, it was in ashockingstate of decomposition, which naturally reinforced the suspicion of poisoning.



  • The ultimate test, encountered so often as to be commonplace, was ashockingForm of suicide performed with a calm demeanor.



  • The Memoirs of the Count by Fernan Nunez entershockingPhoto from his deathbed.



  • OshockingJohn Howard's image of the state of prisons in the late 18th century will live on forever.



  • The... Here's oneshockingstats for you.



  • It was soshockingin the barbarism of Africa was multiplied and intensified by this foreign stimulus.



  • However, it can be observed as a general condition that the native towns and villages of Tunisia, where they have not been damaged by theshockinginsipid colors of Mediterranean Europe are extremely picturesque and offer the painter extraordinary charms.



  • There is nothingshockingat this slightly ridiculous event.


  • The crowd that gatheredshockinga discovery, took advantage of the idea that he had been strangled by his family to prevent him from changing his religion and that this was a common practice among Protestants.



  • But to the ears of any devout Muslim such a judgment will sound almost like this:shockingthan absolute atheism or polytheism.




  • He allowed himself the heaviest insult, but thatshockingfor a modern reader, e.g.



  • And soshockinghear that Calvin Klein wants you for his new campaign.


  • After a car accident with Denise, Claudia Joy receives ashockingTo diagnose.


  • Enjoy an alcoholic drink in the restaurant's bar or in the oldshockingfourth, as they call it.



  • when i heard thatshockingNews King Wenceslaus suffered a stroke and died a few days later.


  • He is, indeed, an example of the tendency, so often noticed by other nations, in English to introduce moral distinctions at every turn, and to confound everything new to experience, unpleasant to taste, and incomprehensible to understanding, under the common name epithets wrong, bad andshocking.

  • maybe mostshockingShown is a woman's prosthetic abdomen that was opened during a caesarean section.

  • The totally unexpected solution is bothshockingand perfectly appropriate.

  • Otherwise, the family was taken to Al-Kufa and treated there.shockingBarbarism.

  • The requirement of a certain "shocking"The event leads to subtle distinctions that are simply not defensible.


  • way to deal with ashockingComplicated new businesses appear allowing capital.

  • Was ashockingAccusation of all cynical dealings.

  • I'm talking about todayshockingLoss of words from our loose language that would have seemed irreplaceable 50 years ago.

  • This part of the novel was highly regardedshockingafter publication.

  • This film contains footage of dead bodies that you may findshocking.

  • As the club begins to unravel the tangled web of fate, Anne discoversshockingnews about yourself.

  • I suppose you all expected a sensational review of this wonderful film, detailing the detailsshockingaspects of his narrative.

  • The very essence of his philosophy was the denial of the graces of social politeness; It was impossible to "return to nature" in the midst of a society coated with the accumulated artificiality of grown-up conventions.shockingdeeply rooted sensibilities of its members.

  • Everything he had done for her in the Consulate days was remembered; its subsequent course - its tyranny, itsshockingWaste of human lives, their dogged persistence in war when France and Europe demanded a reasonable and lasting peace - all this was forgotten; and the great warrior who died of cancer on May 5, 1821, was later shrouded in mists of legend through which a figure of him emerged as that of a Prometheus condemned to permanent torment for his devotion to the cause of mankind.

  • Most of his reforms since then have been intelligently carried out as normal principles in more art than one; But,shockingAs the statement of tenth-century orthodoxy may seem, Wagnerian harmony is a universe as yet unexplored, except for the few composers who are so independent of its baffling effect on the generation that grew up with them that they can use Wagner's resources as unobtrusively as he did. even used them.

  • For having dedicated itself to the manufacture of goods associated with theshockingMonstrosities used for funerary purposes in ancient Apulia, where fragments of dissected satyrs, nymph busts or horse halves were considered graceful excrescences to decorate an amphora or pithos.

  • The first thing you notice is that this reallyshockingPhoto quality!

  • She is pregnant... Could beshockingdiscovers that her daughter is pregnant.

  • Shockingbelieving that this guy is/was the representative of England in the World Cup games.

  • OshockingAlso featured was the revelation that over 30,000 Iraqi civilians may have been killed during the same period.

  • The facts are indisputable and provide ashockingAccusation of the brutality of the profit system.

  • We've just dropped the price of the album to oneshocking£11.50, which makes us the cheapest place to get it.

  • Its brilliant plot hooks you from the first pages to yours.shockingClimax.

  • ShockingArm wrestling Not the type to scream like a girl?

  • It seems these fights were specialshockingfor middle class readers as well as potentially sexually tempting.

  • Armed with a hidden camera, the undercover investigator figured it outshockingreality of the world of animal testing.

  • ShockingEvents unfold against the backdrop of carefully observed church services.

  • AftershockingNews, Tricia couldn't settle down and study because her mind was all cattywampus.

  • This montage of feline shenanigans manages to walk the line between funny and direct.shocking, but really, most YouTube users will have a hard time looking away.

  • The debt amortization calculator will give you some numbers that can beshocking.

  • Thankfully, the bathrooms aren't finished anymore.shockingpink, green and white frog.

  • Obviously orange shade would be a bitshocking, but think warm tones like brown, bronze, peach and gold.

  • No matter how hot it is outside, nothing is like thisshockinglike the first bath in water.

  • Sometimes you can even earn points with a well-made silk or wool garment.shockingWert.

  • For example, a very risky game can be great fun for younger players, but it can beshockingand unsuitable for older guests.

  • Some cities only require a permit or two to get married by the sea, and you won't need to.shockingFees charged by other venues for wedding ceremonies and receptions chosen by other couples.

  • If you add up the cost of your cigarettes, you'll probably find that you spent oneshockinga lot of money for nicotine in recent years.

  • AshockingIt is estimated that 4 to 15 percent of young women suffer from bulimia.

  • Some celebrities turn heads with understated, tasteful outfits, while others go for the quirky and sometimesshockingClothes.

  • While it's surprising to hear about a celebrity's death, it's more than that.shockingto know that the death was unexpected.

  • Suicide, foul play, drug overdose and vehicle accidents are just a few examples.shockinghow various celebrities have died over the years.

  • The only common element among these stars is that they all died too young, too soon, and completely.shockingand unexpected ways.

  • Someone's untimely death is sad andshocking, even if you are a celebrity.

  • Almost all celebrity sex tapes were eligibleshocking, because it's hard to imagine that any star would let a camera into their room knowing how much trouble this tape can cause.

  • Many celebrities have come across this type of scandal over the years, but mostshockingthose come from celebrities who are otherwise squeaky clean.

  • But then every now and then there's a breakup, that's just the way it isshocking- or it gets so cruel - that we can't look away.

  • why celebrityshockingBreakups, or let's face it, isn't like that eithershockingcaptivate us like this?

  • Although the couple initially denied these rumors, they officially announced their celebrity status in February 2006.shockingto divide.

  • But was it a monogamy issue that led to this celebrity?shockingto divide?

  • that celebrityshockingBreakups are just a few that have rocked our world.

  • His brother went on British television to talk about George's problem, hoping "shocking' prompting him to seek help.

  • After taking a break from acting, Kirstie went on to display ashocking2005 in a new form.

  • And with everything she does in her life to keep herself busy, the answer to her last question was a littleshocking.

  • There have been more than a few over the yearsshockingprominent deaths. iVillage provides a slideshow of your picks for the top 10shockingcelebrity deaths.

  • Although announcing a new reality show really isn't interesting or interesting these daysshockingFor the general public, the producers say this going to be an artistically rich and visually stunning series."

  • What is ashocking, but one surprising little detail is that word on the street is that she and her mother Cher originally snooped on Chastity's long and painful road to manhood for a reality TV show.

  • After what some people callshockingAppearing on the 2009 American Music Awards Show, Adam Lambert sees no reason to apologize.

  • While some celebrity couples seem doomed from the start, many don't.shockingCelebrity breakups surprise fans.

  • Here are some of the mostshockingCelebrity breakups that made headlines in the entertainment world.

    (Video) 20 Craziest Reactions Of Convicts After Given A Life Sentence
  • The couple had two adopted children and the separation only got worse.shockingwhen the public learned that Kidman was pregnant when the couple split.

  • Stars are instructed to put on a happy face before confronting their fans, which can be especially telling about their split.shocking.

  • One of the most famous andshockingA series of celebrity break-ins occurred in 2009.

  • Unpleasant,shocking, or explicit love scenes can also cause a stir.

  • Sometimes celebrity photos are so unusualshocking, or just badly photographed that end up going viral.

  • These celebrity murders are tragic andshocking.

  • Whether it's a celebrity being murdered or a star committing the crime, there's always news of these tragedies.shockinga fans.

  • His death was ashockingthe one where the 28-year-old suffered an overdose of prescription drugs.

  • Since its inception in the 1970s, punk has been about – and being – individual.shocking, confrontational and rebellious.

  • A shiny outfit can now be a mix ofshockingPink and electric blue with darker accessories.

  • Once seen like thisshocking, they are now recognized as an acceptable way for a child to show loyalty to their favorite band or style of music.

  • Why shouldn't this be there?shockingVerde?

  • Ultimately, only you can judge whether Blue Buffalo is the right food for your dog, so transition gradually to avoiding it.shockingyour dog's digestive tract.

  • If you're a rebellious guy planning to go to a wedding, dance party or evening wear, take off your boots and learn how to make one.shockingOpinion.

  • It's reallyshockingdate three, four or five and then accidentally see them take their hats off.

  • AshockingA red cloak like this hides and reveals while offering a glimpse of things to come.

  • Take a look at the 2007 Internet Safety Statistics for Children report; part of it isshocking.

  • However, for many people, these dreams can be the greatestshockingit's interesting.

  • You can become diversified andshockingStyle with the Body Jewelery Shop Red Cat Eye Contact Lenses.

  • Spidey has a cobwebby red and black iris that is bothshockingand extreme.

  • To beshockingContact lenses cover the entire eye with a frightening appearance.

  • For example, choose a sclera lens that covers the entire eye or ashockingGlow in the dark lens for a club night.

  • Mirrored contact lenses don't always command attention like all-black lenses, but they're still very uncommon - and sometimes evenshocking.

  • If you want to update your current color or switch to something completely newshocking, tinted lenses allow you to do just that.

  • The terror monitor allows you to scan an area for traps or ashockingevent that could occur.

  • Moreshockingwas Nintendo's promise that the system would not be a replacement or successor to the Game Boy series.

  • Read more about theseshockingVideo game related deaths that have occurred across the world.

  • In many cases the scientific findings are not very surprising, but in other cases some of the results are quite surprising.shocking.

  • Isadora Duncan made a negative tradeshockingand positively enlivening audiences in those early years of modern dance, inspired by Greek figures she had often studied.

  • Outside ofshockingFrom pink to dazzling green, there are many different unique hair colors to choose from, but why would you want to go for such an unconventional hue?

  • Others, on the other hand, like the look of voluminous highlights, but don't necessarily want to stand out with one.shockingHue.

  • Two-Tone Crazy Wigs, Glitter Highlights, and MoreshockingThe colors weren't entirely out of place on stage.

  • Emo hair color is often bold andshocking.

  • Check out creative punk hair ideas to add a unique touch to your current style.shockingnovo visual.

  • For example, colored ends can be hidden in a sleek, professional bun or hairstyle without showing.shockingCor.

  • After spending about nine months in the cocoon of your mother's womb, this new environment isshocking.

  • Rudi Gernreich is the designer credited with creating this very sexy and at the time quite silent piece.shocking, Swimsuit.

  • However, you should be aware that if you add too much to the water, you risk "shocking"Your pool.

  • Often used as a "non-chlorine shock", persulfates workshockingyour pool and disposal of pool waste.

  • If you live and die and enjoy sexy beach looksshockingthose around you, then you must try one of these suits.

  • There is no doubt that sling swimwear is stunning andshockingfor most people, but that doesn't mean you should shy away from it.

  • Sling swimsuits can beshockingbecause of its sparse fabric, but that's exactly why so many love this style.

  • take one on oneshockingcolor, or one that is crocheted with small beads or sequins.

  • An exotic thong bikini is a swim style that stands out in many cases.shockinga lot of skin.

    (Video) झटका लगा (I am Shocked) कहने के लिए 10 Smart English Conversation Phrases - English Speaking Lesson
  • Also, if you're looking for a slightly more innovative style andshocking, then you might want to consider chiffon bikinis as well.

  • These swimsuits are also sassyshocking, and what you definitely need to bring is a simple disguise to spare any onlookers.

  • may sound a littleshockingfor some, but others are embracing the look wholeheartedly.

  • There were few frowns orshockingEye-catching, but certainly nothing on the scale of singer Björk's infamous 2001 swan dress.

  • Layer to your heart's content to make your little sundress look lessshocking.

  • AvoidshockingYour living Christmas tree, suddenly putting it outside.

  • If you want a simple, sensational, breathtaking orshockingClover costume, you'd better like the green color.

  • This can be fun if that's your style - but if not, explicit language can beshocking.

  • In your opinion the mostshockingKiss was between the characters Shane and Jenny - not because the two women French kiss, but because "Jenny is portrayed as a psychopath".

  • So throw something inshockingto close.

  • When your lover sends you something that sparklesshockingor even insulting, try to take this in the spirit of love it was intended and let him know what would be the most appropriate message.

  • ShockingLines will definitely start a conversation or at least get your attention.

  • On the other hand, if you want to get attention hard and fast, thenshockingthe person with a few outrageous lines can break the ice.

  • This bag is also packed with pockets and is available in a variety of colors including neutral cognac andshockingRosa.

  • What elseshocking, 14 percent have met with people they met online or are considering meeting in person.

  • However, the results were statisticalshocking.

  • When many people accidentally do astral travel for the first time, the episode is often frightening andshocking.

  • The controversial ads - particularly Jenny McCarthy's - are a combination ofshocking, dirty and sexy.

  • The amount of money American taxpayers spend at the end of the year selling counterfeit branded goods is as muchshockingand ascendant.

  • It's no surprise either - with her glamorous looks andshockingPlots, they are as memorable as they are irresistible.

  • For example, in May 2009, one of the most popular message threads on Toni's spoiler website was thisshockingDeparture of Chris Engen, who played Victor "Adam" Wilson (born Victor Adam Newman, Jr.).

  • In 2009, the show won its first Best Drama award, besting Days of Our Lives and All My Children with a role that included theshockingStorm Logan commits suicide so that his heart can be transplanted into his sister Katie.

  • OshockingAt the end of season two, fans were talking about whether Grayson's death was real, or whether he would come back to life or live in another body, ala Jane/Deb?

  • The second season introduced manyshockingChanges to Mystic Falls, including a trail of destruction left by Katherine and brutal paranormal twists for two family members.

  • Some reports claim that as much as oneshocking80% of the entertainment industry has tattoos; only 20 percent of the general public is infected.

  • But there's so much more, and people new to the idea of ​​body modification will find some information on the BMEzine.shocking.

  • ShockingParts where water is poured from the shoulder or chest onto a large body surface can draw a lot of attention.

  • Leather straps are available in a variety of colors includingshockingrose that makes a great fashion watch.

  • Loud and funky - this is why kids love bright colors and thingsshockingpink or electric green clock will bring a smile.

  • The conservative radio host didshockingComments about children with autism that shook the autistic community.

  • As mentioned earlier, men's underwear can be relatively tame or totally tame.shocking(for some!).

  • A feature common to many European lingerie stores, particularly those in Paris, is to find Americanshockingis that there is often no opportunity to experience something.

  • For example, a woman could only be represented in a drawing because a real photograph was too much.shocking.

  • Unless you know your partner well and feel very comfortable together, that's about it.shockingthan taking off your bra and saying "slap, slap!" made from two silicone inserts that drop to the ground in the heat of battle.

  • Your lover will be clueless when you go to the bathroom to "wash your face, brush your teeth, etc." before going to sleep, and then you'll be out on one of the mostshockingThere are lingerie items/sets.

  • One of the mostshockingThe Smashing Pumpkins' moves were a radical departure from their famous style.

  • maybe mostshockingFor the audience at the time, nudity was included in the play.

  • The vision is compellingshockingand sometimes hilarious.

  • Brides and grooms look to the couple to teach them fun and unusual dance moves for their first dance as husband and wife with a purpose.shockingand impress your guests.

  • among mostshockingThe footage was a clip of young Caleb kicking one of the babies and then repeatedly hitting and cursing his mother.

  • Contestants can't even hide from the cameras in the shower, so the bathrooms were ground zero for some of the mostshockingand controversial Big Brother scenes.

  • The only thing these five most scandalous reality shows have in common is that they tried to win over viewers.shockingthey.

  • Others had themshockingaccusations made against them.

  • If the results are expected and not surprising, or ashockingAfter all, the show is so popular that many outlets are just waiting to break the news to viewers.

    (Video) Chumlee Reacts To Receiving 10 YEAR PRISON SENTENCE (Shocking)

  • Despite the obvious twists, Half-Blood Prince offers ashockingCoup against the fate of Harry Potter and Rowling's conclusion to her story in book seven will no doubt be a bitter battle between good and evil.

  • To beshockingThe suicide in the early episodes challenged his associates and friends to change their futures.

  • Cedric's death was ashockingThe moment came when Harry encouraged Cedric to share a mutual victory by winning the Trials of Cups.

  • The bombing of Japan in 1945 brought ashockingachievement for the whole world.

  • Is it about the discussion?shockingNews you just heard when the TV came on, or sharing the best and worst parts of a day, Xanga makes it possible to share any part of a user, or at least as much as they feel comfortable with.

  • Just Lab Coats sells a variety of coats in colors such as pink,shockingpink, red, blue and black.

  • Colors include burgundy, light blue, dark blue, red, pink,shockingpink and anthracite.

  • Hundreds of castles and monasteries were destroyed by the frenzied peasantry, and some of the nobles were murdered along with them.shockingCruelty.



  • One gets so used to the fact that all dead men are men that the sight of a dead woman is stillshocking.


  • Be prepared for bloodthirsty screams andshockingresolutions.


  • But Scannell is strangely distant from the children whoseshockingfutures he anticipates.



  • Brad comes up with a new promotional idea for the coffee shop and Gaby makes one.shockingDiscovery.



  • Given the smell it isshockingthat this place produced anything edible.



  • An unprecedented adrenaline rush in melee combat that perfectly matches the tingling of goosebumpsshockingUnknown paranormal intensity.



  • Usually Grayson Perry ceramic pots are consideredshocking, both for the way they are made and for what they represent.



  • Ashockingrevelation that ultimately resulted in the death of the man who tried to expose her, attorney Paul Wilcher.



  • He looks askance at the little things to which custom and social decency usually blind us, and reframes them so that they seem ridiculous.shocking.



  • It's funny, heartbreakingshockingand oh so sexy.



  • For many of her early readers, she was profound.shocking.



  • The first thing you notice is that this reallyshockingPhoto quality!



  • it was also a bassshockingExperiment to learn the political nature of the way science works.



  • I was prettyshockingsee my own name printed like that.



  • But in the terrible dreams of Hannes's past there is also something whole.shockingit's the feeling of betrayal.



  • It's what keeps the devastation from appearing that wayshocking.



  • Fill the can the night before and allow it to come to room temperature to avoidshockingthe plants.



  • On June 15, 1566, the unfortunate young man, bruised and bleeding to deathshockingBadly treated, he was placed on a miserable heel, with a crown of straw on his head, and paraded provocatively through the streets of Stockholm.



  • He hoped they wouldn't hear from them again after this case.shockingand repulsive actions done to the dead.



  • Shockingenough, but as I got closer I could see the huts.



  • Some of Mapplethorpe's BestshockingThe photographs pushed the boundaries of what the general public would consider art.


  • Many videos can beshockingfor some viewers, but many are extremely useful.


  • Historically, horror movies are meant to beshockingand disturbing and is one of the reasons why some people enjoy watching horror movies.



  • For some people, a small cross tattoo is less objectionable orshockingthan other designs can be.


  • The king was war chief, priest and god at the same time, and theshockingPermission on the death of a king was probably due to the feeling that any law or restriction was nullified by the death of the king - the law incarnate.



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