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Bryan was amazing. My husband's company Christmas party also had casino games and live music, but Bryan was by far the most entertaining option of the night. He surprised us. He's great with people, funny and very talented. He is the next level of magic, the next level of talent. You don't know how good he is until you see it for yourself. Nothing but mind-blowing hacks to keep us talking about him all week! He was so nice, got us an autograph for our son who also loves magic, and even shared cute funny videos of his beautiful little girl. He did tricks right in front of us that I haven't even seen an Americas Got Telent contestant do. It's a Las Vegas show, but up close and in your face. The supreme mage - he is AWESOME. We would give 100 stars if it were possible. Undoubtedly the best magician/artist there is!!!Rose EvansDecember 24, 2022

Fantastic experience having Bryan at our company dinner and conference last week! It exceeded our expectations, which were initially quite high. I highly recommend Bryan for any event that requires entertainment, whether for business or pleasure. Have a good time!Jay OfferdahlDecember 5, 2022

Bryan put on a great show at my 40th birthday party! My friends and I are still talking about it weeks later - even our husbands loved it! I would 1000% hire him again. Thank you Bryan!Jessica TuckerOctober 24, 2022

Bryan celebrated a private birthday that we attended. He was amazing and I would recommend him for any event.Jonathan DeHartOctober 16, 2022

We were lucky enough to hire Bryan Saint for a 50th birthday celebration. The vast majority of attendees were strangers, mostly from out of town. Any tension was eased by his humor and inexplicable magic tricks! Initial skeptics turned into grinning, giggling onlookers. He tailored his presentation to the event and asked several listeners to participate. Bryan was charismatic and outspoken, and everyone was intrigued. Bryan is down-to-earth and a talented professional who is easy to work with. You won't regret hiring Bryan Saint!Joe and Shellie JablonowskiSeptember 29, 2022

This was an incredible experience. There was comedy, storytelling, and it nurtured the belief that magic really exists. Super cool, I would recommend. Thanks Bryan for a great show.Hans HillestadAugust 11, 2022

Oh my God!! He is unbelievable!! Your magic tricks are unreal!!! My friends and I are still trying to figure out how he did it all!! I'm so impressed!!!great sauceAugust 11, 2022

Absolutely unbelievable. Her tricks made it look like real magic.Josef FritzAugust 11, 2022

Sharon WallaceMay 13, 2022

Bryan recently appeared at two of our corporate conferences. His presence dominates the room and our attendees were blown away by his magic. He was funny and mysterious and took the time to meet and greet our people afterwards. I would recommend it as entertainment at your next event!Jenny SMay 5, 2022

I used Bryan for a corporate event a few years ago and was blown away by his talent and his interaction with our clients. He performed at my daughter's wedding cocktail party this past weekend. He was always so friendly and helpful during wedding planning that he quickly took a call. Our wedding guests appreciated her quick wit, engaging personality, and perfect penmanship. I highly recommend Bryan for any social gathering of any size. Company parties, weddings, birthdays or family parties. He adapts to every situation. Thanks Bryan!!Barb ParkerMay 4, 2022

We asked Bryan Saint to perform at our 2022 sales meeting at the Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, VA. He and his team were responsive through all stages of planning and helped us overcome some issues due to the global pandemic. During the show his stage presence was phenomenal! He was funny and incredibly talented. There were audible gasps from our crowd; these are people who are usually very difficult to entertain/amuse/fool. We loved his show and look forward to inviting him back to join us sometime in the future!Kelly PattersonApril 1, 2022

Bryan was perfect for our Harley Valentine's Day party. He entertained us and mesmerized the whole show. He is also very kind; He took the time to meet, greet and take pictures after the show.Joyce WilliamsMarch 14, 2022

Bryan performed at the Harley Club's annual Valentine's Day party. His uncle was the first developer of what Harley is now for Charlotte. Bryan spread joy and laughter, his magicians' skills blew everyone away, we're still talking about how much fun the event was. Thank you Bryan! You are a true saint, a great entertainer and an always welcome friend in the HOG stable.Sharon AhnoMarch 10, 2022

Bryan Saint performed at my parents' 60th wedding anniversary and captivated the audience from the moment he took the stage. He is not only a master magician, but also charismatic and funny. Bryan took great care to include audience participation in his presentation. It's been months since our event and friends and family are still raving about the experience. They will definitely leave your show and say, "I don't know how he did that!"Vicky OnisickMarch 10, 2022

I'm not normally a fan of magic tricks, but Bryan was amazing. Not only is he an amazing magician, but he's also hilarious at the same time. He was the funniest magician I've ever seen.Dottie BoylstonMarch 9, 2022

I really enjoyed your wonderful concert for Independence HD HOG's valentine's day party. You must have surprised some, including your audience assistants, whose watches disappeared from their arms!Mary LewisMarch 4, 2022

Little did we know that we would be so entertained at a recent party for our Harley group. Their magic acts kept our group mesmerized throughout the entire show! Go visit him somewhere! You won't be disappointed!!!Belinda ToneyMarch 4, 2022

Bryan Saint is a brilliant magician, very funny and engaging. He is a perfect entertainer for all ages. You can tell how much he really enjoys performing. If you are looking for someone who totally blows your mind then Bryan Saint is for you.Sherry CarpenterFebruary 2, 2022

Bryan Saint was amazing!!! We hired him to perform at our father daughter's prom. Parents and students alike were amazed at his tricks! I highly recommend Bryan for your next event, he was wonderful!Amy JungFebruary 1, 2022

We invited Bryan Saint to headline our annual company Christmas party - and everyone had a blast. Bryan was super responsive and reached out personally several times when we were discussing show details. Our crew has a wide age range from 15 to 60 - and everyone was enthralled, perched on the edge of their seats and marveling at its magic. It was a great night - I highly recommend Bryan to come to one of his events. You won't be disappointed!!! Our team has been talking about his show for weeks...to be remembered!Queen LeslieDecember 30, 2021

Bryan was fabulous at our Christmas party! He knew how to handle the crowd and get everyone involved. His magic was magic; we were all amazed! I would definitely recommend using his talent for future events or engagements.Cassidy SheehanDecember 25, 2021

We hired Bryan Saint for our Christmas party. He was absolutely amazing!!! All of our employees were more than impressed with his skills. Bryan kept us laughing and in awe the entire time he was with us! I recommend spending a little extra to have him stick around and do his street magic too. We were all blown away! I would book Bryan again in a heartbeat.Lindsay CreceliusDecember 13, 2021

Bryan's show was a delight! It was a hit at our company party. Everything about the experience was great! We would definitely invite you again.Deborah F.December 11, 2021

Bryan owned the room once again. People were left with hanging jaws after several tricks. He's just a super talented act! I suggest hiring him for your next event.Tim BaierDecember 10, 2021

It was fantastic working with Bryan! After enjoying his first performance with us, we asked if he would be available for an event the following week! Everyone in attendance had rave reviews about the show and talked about it for weeks. He easily assessed his audience and continued to make them laugh while being equally confused! We will definitely be booking him again in the future!Amanda PetruskiNovember 14, 2021

Everyone at the party raved about the magic. Bryan entertained everyone. We really appreciate that he came to our event.Christopher McKinneyOctober 26, 2021

I had the pleasure of seeing him at an event last weekend. Great!!!Bárbara YinlingOctober 5, 2021

I loved!!I do not loveOctober 1, 2021

Patricia KorySeptember 28, 2021

Grace SaylorSeptember 28, 2021

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Bryan and he was great. He is very funny and his magic is excellent. Everyone in the audience scratched their heads and said, "How did he do that?" If you get the chance, please go see it.Sandy SchafferSeptember 28, 2021

Bryan's show was amazing! Not only do we have a top-notch magician, we also have a great comedian. His relationship with the audience was wonderful and we didn't want the show to end. If you get the chance to see Bryan Saint perform, DON'T MISS IT!!!!!Chris LeffSeptember 27, 2021

Bryan Saint is by far one of the best artists I've ever seen! Not only are his performances absolutely entertaining, but his charisma is so professional! He is FUNNY, truly an expert at his craft as a magician! If you are lucky enough to be able to attend one of his concerts... ENJOY! YOU WILL LOVE !Faye WolodykaSeptember 23, 2021

While looking for an artist for a recent corporate event, my team raved about Bryan's previous presentations that he had given to our GRIDSMART team. I booked it on her word and it didn't disappoint! He drove the entire hall to our booth and the next day people even showed up asking if he was coming back.Toshya LeonhardAugust 17, 2021

We saw Bryan at Kellar's in Erie, PA and it was awesome! We had fun! Not only is he an amazing magician, he's also really funny! We would definitely see him again! Angry!!!Shelley PflughAugust 4, 2021

I attended Bryan's Virtual Magic Show and it was AMAZING! Not only does Bryan have some of the most mind-blowing tricks, he's also hilarious and makes sure everyone has a good time. It was also great working with Bryan in planning the magic show. He made the process so easy and was there every step of the way to help make the event a success. I recommend Bryan's Magic Show.Shelby EisenhartJune 2, 2021

Bryan performed at our wedding this past weekend because it was a money issue. It was priceless!! He was charming, funny and never failed to amaze our guests with magic. He made a magical night even more magical and 5 stars just isn't enough. Simply put - if you're looking for reviews and wondering if you should book Bryan Saint - the answer is YES!mass de janeMay 19, 2021

Lots of fun and lots of fun... and, of course, incredible magic.Grant JordanMay 16, 2021

Bryan was wonderful. Funny, charismatic and a truly mind-blowing wizard. I hope to see him perform again one day!McLean KistnerApril 21, 2021

Wow! Although I expected Bryan Saint to put on a great show, his performance far exceeded my expectations! We had the rare opportunity to see the magic live up close - and it was a magical night! Bryan is a master of his craft! Our guests were impressed with his performance. In addition to great magic, he also brings style, charisma, professionalism, a great sense of humor and a wonderful ability to interact and engage with guests on a personal level. This guy is the complete package!Yjasming KistnerApril 21, 2021

I really enjoyed Bryan's show!! Very unique presentation. Super funny! Highly recommended!Ed Fearer3. April 2021

Bryan Saint is a born artist! I love magicians and comedians so watching Bryan do both at the same time was such a fun experience!! Don't miss the opportunity to see him perform!!Lynn Fearer3. April 2021

Absolutely. . . UNBELIEVABLE. I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed one of Bryan's virtual concerts. You might think that a virtual environment wouldn't be as good as a stage performance, but I think it can offer an even greater level of interaction with the artist. If you need a massive serotonin boost, attend one of these events. I was inspired on so many levels. Thank you Bryan!Geoffrey GarlandApril 1, 2021

I've never laughed so hard at a virtual magic show (or... ever) in my entire life! Bryan puts on an amazing show that will have you wondering, "How did he do THAT?" Days later...Bonnie-Marie WilliamsApril 1, 2021

Bryan is an amazing magician and artist! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! 🤗Jordan LeighApril 1, 2021

This was hilarious and had me tripping over a few tricks. Very well, sir... very well.michael fearApril 1, 2021

two words PERPLEXED!!!!!! Bryan Saint is spectacular!! From start to finish he had us laughing and absolutely blown away! I cannot recommend his show highly enough! I've been talking about his tricks for YEARS! Drop what you're doing and book it! Do it!!!Shelly MurphyApril 1, 2021

I was privileged to attend one of Bryan's performances at The Magic Canvas in Charlotte and thought it was absolutely amazing! Not only is his magic mesmerizing, but the humor he brings to the stage and the way he engages the audience is spectacular! Truly a "magical" night!Tamara DodsonMarch 31, 2021

Bryan Saint hosted a fun, entertaining and very engaging virtual magic show for our nonprofit fundraiser. Our guests really enjoyed the show and had the chance to participate in magic tricks and laugh a lot during the performance. It was great to see our guests amazed by their magic! Additionally, the booking process was easy, responsive, and extremely helpful in guiding us through our first virtual event.Mindy DowneyFebruary 25, 2021

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