Who is Anna Taylor? Bryan Kohberger's attorney reportedly represented the parent of a homicide victim in Idaho (2023)

Anne Taylor, a licensed U.S. attorney who serves primarily as head of the Kootenai County Public Defender's Office, is representing murder suspect Bryan Kohberger, accused of murdering four University of Idaho students on November 13, 2022.

Taylor's conduct while representing a murder suspect has now come into question after reports surfaced that Bryan Kohberger's defense attorney had previously represented the mother of slain student Xana Kernodle.

Multiple reports, citing court documents filed on January 5, 2023, revealed that public defender Anne Taylor represented Kernodle's mother on one misdemeanor charge and two felony charges. The document was reportedly filed by a public defender to recuse himself from representing the victim's mother as it would lead to a conflict of interest in defending a suspected criminal.

I do not understand how the conflict of interest did not exist when AT dealt with this case. IME with the Office of Public Defender when their office represented a client involved in a case they could NOT except for the client. I have never seen such a conflict overlooked by a court.#Idaho4 https://t.co/LBhxBENbLl

According to court records, Taylor represented the victim's mother from Nov. 21, 2022, to Jan. 5, 2023, the date she filed the document and asked the court to appoint a substitute defense attorney.

Bryan Kohberger's attorney quit representing parent of slain student after he was extradited to Idaho

@Nerdy_AddictI agree with you, reordering is normal, but my problem with Anne Taylor is that she did not do due diligence when she placed the order; when she was a lawyer on CK's case, she went to see the crime scene of a crime BK had committed against his daughter. The resignation was submitted on January 5https://t.co/oUAXCMaJpY

Anna Taylorfiled a document asking the court to withdraw from representing his former client the day after Brayn Kohberger was extradited to Idaho to face the death penalty in the fatal stabbings of Xana Kernodle, her boyfriend Ethan Chapin and two roommates, Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen, of Moscow, Idaho.

Anne Taylor, an Idaho native and graduate of the University of Idaho, is one of only 13 public defenders in the state licensed by the state's Public Defender Commission to represent those facing the death penalty.

The Idaho Statesman, citing legal experts, said the public defender's representation of a former client raises a potential conflict of interest risk in the Bryan Kohberger casemurdersample. Brad Andrews, former general counsel of the Idaho State Bar, said:

“Every time a former client is involved in ongoing representation, the lawyer should assess any potential conflicts. Conflicts are very factual, so the lawyer decides whether the lawyer has a conflict.'
3 nuggets of gold from Idaho: - New details about Bryan Kohberger applying for the research assistant position at the Pullman Police Department. – Kaylee Goncalves reported a person missing in 2021. – Kohberger's attorney represented Xana Kernodle's mother. Details in this video:https://t.co/ZKFFP56arJ
(Video) Idaho Murders: Bryan Kohberger's Lawyer Represented Victim's Mom Before Stabbings

As Bryan Kohberger awaits a preliminary hearing, the judge added a new rulegag sequencewhich was only issued earlier this month, preventing law enforcement officials, defense attorneys and other officials involved in the case from disclosing any information.

Last week, an existing gag order also barred lawyers representing survivors, witnesses or victimsfamily membersfrom speaking or writing about a high-profile topic. In the court order, Latah County Judge Megan Marshall said

"There is a balance between protecting the right to a fair trial for all parties involved and the right to free speech under the United States and Idaho Constitutions. To preserve the right to a fair trial, some limitation on the dissemination of information is necessary and permitted by law in this case."

Bryan Kohberger is being held in the Latah County Jail in Idaho without bail.


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(Video) Idaho victim's mom 'heartbroken' by defense lawyer's switch | Banfield

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(Video) Accused Idaho Student Murderer Bryan Kohberger Appears in Court

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(Video) 'Attack That Evidence': Bryan Kohberger's Ex-Lawyer Reacts to Idaho Student Murders Case

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(Video) Watch Live: Idaho Student Murders — Bryan Kohberger — Hearing


Who are Bryan Kohberger parents? ›

His mother, Maryann Kohberger, reportedly has already testified to the secretive panel, and his father, Michael Kohberger, is expected to testify some time on Thursday, May 25.

Who did Anne Taylor represent? ›

Anne Taylor is representing Mr Kohberger in his upcoming trial for the murders of University of Idaho students Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Ethan Chapin, and Xana Kernodle.

Who is Ann Taylor attorney in Idaho? ›

Anne Taylor, an Idaho native and a University of Idaho graduate, is one of only 13 public defenders in the state licensed by the state's public defense commission to represent persons facing the death penalty.

What does Kohberger parents do for a living? ›

Throughout Kohberger's childhood, both of his parents worked for the Pleasant Valley School District. Records show that Michael Kohberger Jr. was a maintenance worker for the school district from 2006 through June 2019, while Maryann Kohberger was a paraprofessional assisting special-needs students until around 2020.

Who is the mother of Bryan Kohberger? ›

The parents of Bryan Kohberger, Michael and Maryann Kohberger, were called to testify in front of a Pennsylvania grand jury this week in connection with the May 2022 disappearance of a woman found dead in April, according to local reports.

Who is Bryan Kohberger's defense attorney? ›

Anne Taylor, the chief of the Kootenai County public defender's office, began representing Kohberger after he was extradited to Idaho from Pennsylvania to face charges in the slayings of four University of Idaho students.

Who is Bryan Kohberger public defender? ›

Massoth joins public defender Anne Taylor — who will earn $200 an hour while working the murder case — as part of Kohberger's legal team. Taylor was appointed to represent Kohberger soon after he was extradited to Idaho from Pennsylvania.

Who is Brian Kohberger's lawyer? ›

More On: bryan kohberger

Taylor was appointed to be Kohberger's public defender in early January — shortly after he was extradited to Idaho from Pennsylvania over the murder of students Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, Ethan Chapin, and Kaylee Goncalves.

What is Bryan Kohberger's nationality? ›

Kohberger was born in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. Kohberger studied psychology at Bethlehem's Northampton Community College, where he graduated with an associate's degree in the subject in 2018. Kohberger attended DeSales University after graduating from Northampton.

Who are Bryan Kohberger sisters? ›

Melissa and Amanda Kohberger were canned in the months after their brother's arrest for the quadruple slayings of four University of Idaho students last year, NewsNation reported.


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